Watch Dogs and the Sound of Anticipation

All gamers are excited for the upcoming high tech open world game by Ubisoft. Watch Dogs is just around the corner and it’s going to be big of a hype as gamers from all around the world prepare for this new intellectual property. Whether you own a console or a PC, Watch Dogs will be available in every platform. The game’s gameplay is all there is and the open world adventure is surprisingly traditional based on some preview videos, and that’s a good thing. We all want a well polished game and we hope that this game does that on game one.

The sheer ambition of Watch Dogs is off the charts and it lets gamers think whether it will succeed or not. Positively speaking, all the videos and demos that’s been given out to the public does that. It let us explore the great and vast world of Watch Dogs and it is evidently beautiful and is really good. If you own a Ps3 or an Xbox 360 then you’ll be able to play this but it would be always better if you play this on the PC or with the PS4 if you want better graphics and performance. Having an edge to hardware is always great but we can always appreciate that Ubisoft is releasing the game for the current gen as well. This makes everybody happy because all gamers can play the game.

Watch Dogs will be out in a few weeks and pre orders are stacking up as we speak. Everybody’s excited and we sure hope that this game delivers. It’s going to be a high standard game, with GTA V’s release it’s inevitable that we compare this two games in their “open world” gameplays. For sure, Watch Dogs will be a technically challenged game but that won’t stop Ubisoft from creating a new IP. Personally, I’m glad that we are getting new IP’s because this will let gamers experience something fresh, something new, and that’s pretty much what gamers would love to do. Watch Dogs is certainly one of the most anticipated games this year and there’s no denying that many people will try this game out.

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft’s highly anticipated game of the year has made a gaming revolution with its ambitious graphics and new intriguing gameplay. The concept of hacking everything in the city is very interesting. Doing detective work has never been so fun and engaging. I believe that this type of gameplay brings something new to the table. This makes gamers interested and curious. We saw a trailer from last year’s E3 and it has pretty much blown away our expectations from the game. Moreover, we are able to see new trailers from the past month and also in today’s E3 2013 press conference. It’s so amazing that an open world game can do so much, plus the new elements integrated are spectacularly fun. The storyline of Watch Dogs is built on the concept of information warfare, data being interconnected, and the world’s increasing use of technology. The game is set in an alternate reality version of the city of Chicago, which is one of many cities to feature a super computer, also known as “CtOS”(Central Operating System). The system controls almost every piece of technology in the city, and contains information on all of the city’s residents and activities of which can be used for various purposes. The graphics are clearly next gen, but this is also available for the current gen (PS3, Xbox 360). I believe that the system that has an edge in terms of graphics would be the PC. Although the PS4 is a powerful system, a gaming PC always has a greater advantage, especially if the specs are the latest or up to date. We have seen in the trailers that the player uses his “phone” in hacking almost everything. You can hack atm machines, the electricity from the city, etc. In other words, almost everything that is electronic, you can hack it. The open world for this game is really spectacular, I think this will rival GTA’s open world standards, especially on quality.

The developers also stressed that the PC would be the lead platform, scheduled release would be on November 19, 2013 along with the Wii U, Playstations 3, Xbox 360 and all “next gen consoles” will be available by Christmas. They also said that they will support Nvidia’s TXAA graphics option. If you have a pc rig, you’re in for a treat. For those who have older PC’s maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Although, I believe that the system requirements for minimum specs won’t be that ground breaking. Watch dogs looks amazing, we will experience it soon enough in the coming months. Be prepared and be excited in this open world action stealth game.

 “It’s a very interesting game that people would want to sink their teeth in. Its gorgeous visuals and open world elements make the player experience something unique and would immerse themselves into the game’s world. The new concept of hacking is indeed something new and is highly welcomed by gamers all over the globe. This new game may exceed one’s expectation and the graphics itself will make your mouth water. In this day and age, we can truly grasp the evolution of technology of which we are so blessed that we are able to experience it today. Quality games like these, makes one proud to be called a gamer.”   -Anton Lagda



Watch Dogs Gameplay Trailer