Current Trends in Your Industry

Current Trends in Your Industry

Recent years have seen a lot of changes in the workforce. With so much opportunity, the new generation is more entrepreneurial than ever. Industries are shifting towards more tech and automation. Many recent trends are disrupting traditional work environments and shifting them towards a more individualized work style. Here we discuss some of the most prominent trends and what it means for the workplace.

1. Automation

As technology advances, businesses can automate previously time-consuming and tedious tasks. This allows them to focus on more complex tasks and increases their productivity. Automation is especially prominent in industrial and manufacturing. Algorithms have been implemented behind the scenes, decreasing human error and increasing efficiency. It also gives employees more time to work on creative projects or relax.

2. Transformation to Virtual Firms

Virtual firms allow employees to work from home, allowing them greater flexibility. This will enable employees to focus on projects without phone calls or office interruptions. Managed IT service companies have made it easy to set up a virtual office and access cloud storage for easier sharing of files and information. There are still some downsides, though. Discipline must still be used to avoid procrastination and distractions. A virtual office can be a great way to attract employees who value work/life balance or want to work in different locations than their homes. According to Dr. Jordan Sudberg, brands and organizations that haven’t embraced a virtual model are losing a large portion of the workforce.

3. Combining Online and Offline Services

For many industries, online and offline services can be combined to be more effective. Restaurants, retailers, and dating services use online delivery. This makes it easier for customers to access these services without being stressed about missing out on an opportunity if they don’t get there quickly enough. The internet has essentially eliminated the need for complicated delivery options. Customer service representatives are often overworked and stressed out and have much more time to deal with customers in person. Employees of these businesses can spend less time on the phone and more time with the customer.

4. Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence

Blockchain is a digital ledger that records transactions. This system creates a great way to record, share and secure information. It can be used in almost any industry to give business owners more control over their knowledge and improve the reliability of their data. Many online databases have been the subject of hacking scandals. The blockchain can secure information with little risk of errors. This will allow companies to create more valuable databases, which can be used for various functions like customer interaction, sales, etc. Recent and more intelligent systems enable companies to store and analyze data more effectively. This will give companies better control over their information.

Both employees and employers need to understand the changes that are happening in industries. While some jobs may become obsolete, new opportunities are opening daily. A bachelor’s degree has always been the standard qualification, but employers look for more than just a piece of paper. An entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to adapt in response to change can be pretty valuable. According to Dr. Jordan Sudberg, industries need people who are highly motivated and can work well in a group.

2021 Fashion Trends

Although fashion month had to improvise in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, it did not stop the best designers from showcasing the best of 2021 trends.

Someone to look for inspiration? Of course, Helen Lee Schifter, who certainly paid attention during fashion month and always keeps up with the latest trends. Continue reading to learn about the top 5 fashion trends in 2021 that everyone can expect to see on this style icon.

1. Belts

To start, expect to see statement belts everywhere in 2021. Mid-section belts are the perfect accessory to cinch a dress, blazer, or sweater.

2. Oversized Clothing

Another trend to look out for is oversized clothing. From voluminous sleeves to oversized pants, this trend is all about comfort and play. Oversized clothing can make basics feel fancy, but make sure to create balance. Try pairing a crop top with oversized pants or an oversized blouse with leggings.

3. Bright Colors

There is nothing more exciting than bright colors, which will create a bold statement in 2021. Don’t be afraid to go all out with this color blocking trend to stand out in any crowd.

4. Monochrome

Then on the other end of the spectrum, monochrome will also be a huge trend in 2021. Black and white is a classic look–just pair a white button-down with black pants. Or mix it up with a checkerboard print for a whimsical style. Feel free to mix and match with scarves, belts, and jewelry as well for the complete look.

5. Maxi Dresses

Can’t forget about the versatile maxi dresses. While it’s always been around in the past, this trend will be big this year. To make it more fashion-forward, consider styling a maxi dress over a pair of pants or a turtleneck shirt.

6. Sweater Vests

Expect to see this accessory everywhere in 2021. For a quick look, pair a sweater vest over a basic shirt or a dress. For the summertime, wear the sweater vest as a shirt instead.

7. Stirrup Leggings

Try switching it up, this time with stirrup leggings. Although an essential piece in any closet, stirrup leggings are a more high-fashion trend on this classic piece. For a polished look, wear a pair of stirrup leggings with a button-down shirt.

8. Baseball Hats

Baseball hats are another trendy accessory that will be big in 2021. It’s an easy trend to master, especially on bad hair days.

9. Matching Sets

Lastly, matching sets will still be a top trend this year as well. Wear a matching sweatsuit at home for comfort, but switch to a matching top and bottom in social settings.

Concerned about how to tackle these trends? Be sure to keep an eye on Helen Lee Schifter, who always stays on top of the current fashion trends and makes a statement, no matter where she goes. Expect her to try out these trends throughout 2021, as she truly knows how to combine the right pieces together to create a fantastic look.