How to Keep Your Remote Team Motivated

Keeping up the remote team’s morale

There are a lot of advantages to working remotely & many people around the world have found it to be one of the most convenient things in their lives but what many people do not know is that there are also a lot of pitfalls to this type of work format. One of the main ones is the fact that it can often lead to a drop in morale. So, what is the right way to keep them motivated & ensure that they do not lose hope? Well, Jonathan Osler has a few ideas on how one can keep their team feeling perky all year long as they strive to get all their work done. So, one of the first things that he recommends is to have a few happy hours after the workday are complete. This will ensure that not only are they able to socialize with their fellow colleagues, but it will give them the feeling of being back in the office without actually having to go there. So that’s a good way to try & bring back a sense of normalcy. Another tip he provides is to give incentives to some or all of the employees who do the best work. This will ensure that every last one of the staff members feels they are being valued & are not taken for granted. So, by giving them these rewards, it shows them that they matter & reminds them of just how much they bring to the team & to the company as a whole. Another way to help them do well in their roles is by hosting some sort of company picnic. This will get them out into the fresh air to help them clear their heads which will make them better at their jobs when they get back to the office on Monday. It will also give them the chance to do new team building exercises which will strengthen the team as a whole & cause them to excel in their respective roles down the line. By having these exercises, it will cause them to trust each other more which leads to better cooperation & output as they strive to get their project done. One of the final pieces of advice he has to offer is to give them the benefits they deserve. If they feel that they are being taken care of & valued, they will be more likely to do good work for the head honcho & do their best in whatever project they are working on at the moment. It is not only the right thing to do but it is also the smart thing to do both for the team and for the company as a whole. Once they feel they matter, they will be much more highly motivated to do a good job for their team. So, these are the pieces of advice Jonathan Osler has to offer & it will serve companies well as they look to the future.

What to Do To Lift Up Team Spirits

When a team is lagging behind or can’t find motivation, there are lots of ideas on who to uplift those efforts. Businessmen like Ken Kurson believe that a team is very important in any industry. Thus, keep it cohesive and have a strong impact on success rate and turnover times. There are many variables that go into building a collaborative unit and it all starts with having positive attitudes. 

Efforts can be made to any type of work. Increasing productivity should be the goal of any company and that all starts with the team. Ways to motivate teams is by sitting down with a manager and accessing any predominant issues. If there is a quarrel going on between the group, it needs to be made clear and resolved immediately. By asserting team-building exercise or ice breakers, members can definitely be uplifted. Everyone has bad days, so sometimes it’s best to let an employee go home early and cool off rather than pressuring them to collaborate. Overall, Ken Kurson insists there are thousands of other ways to uplift team efforts so no one will ever be empty-handed with ideas.