Top Brands Offering the Best Jeans for Men

Jeans can ideally be classified in a category of enigmatic clothing with the power to bring out quintessential looks in men. More so, jeans stand out regardless of outfit combinations due to their all-purpose nature. That being the case, jeans are anything but optional in every man’s wardrobe. There are quite a number of brands in the market today with significant variations in fashion element as well as durability. Even so, there are brands that boast a unique balance of quality and strength hence offer the best jeans for men.  Aptly named denimheads, look to seek out not just the best jeans, but also the most exclusive…

Levis Vintage

If you are passionate about jeans, then Levis should already be a lifestyle based on the popularity and scale of the brand. Being arguably the most common brand globally, there is no denying that you must have either worn or heard of it. There was resurgence of the classic 501’s more recently and many limited edition runs came out. The jean label also has a strong collectors  following across the globe and aficionados will travel to find exclusive pairs. Levis Vintage Clothing, are a choice of connoisseurs and those new the jeans alike.

One thing that stands out with Levis jeans is that they live up to the hype surrounding them hence offer true value for money. Furthermore, even with the high standards, they are still reasonably priced to be afforded by practically everybody.


PRPS are a premium priced denim manufacturer based in the US, manufactured in Japan, using either Japanese or African cotton. The denim features small details that tend to distinguish the brand from others such as different colored button flies, or the purple logo on the back pocket and a chemical representation of vintage jeans. These jeans tend to be priced upwards of $300.

Calvin Klein

Even though the company has divided commitment to both men and women, the brand has surely prioritized the men’s jeans collection. If you fancy young and elegant looks then Calvin Klein should not only be your favorite brand, but your entire wardrobe. The selling point of these cool jeans is largely the range of fashionable shades with faded denim being particularly exceptional.


Arguably the biggest name in the denim world, Diesel has been the most revolutionary brand of all. From the fabric to the range of colors, this brand has virtually been flawless with designs and is well stocked to offer the best jeans for men. Their worldwide presence has therefore been down to the deservedly high brand value as well as a splendid denim collection.


A.P.C is another worthy denim brand being praised for designing men’s pants that last up to five times longer than rival brands. Other than longevity, APC jeans are also designed with precision to fit perfectly and therefore always look cool. Although they may cost an arm and a leg, they are the most value-efficient jeans you can buy in any market. In a fairly competitive industry, A.P.C has been expanding and this goes to show the company is selling well and being praised by proponents of the French brand.

Naked & Famous

This is a brand with a definitive edge. Blending the best in Japanese denim, with modern mixed fabrics consisting of Kevlar, cashmere , wool, camel hair and more, you can find many unique styles of jeans. Made exclusively in Canada, the jeans are crafted with minimal fuss, aiming to retain the best of the material and let that talk, rather than trying to be something they are not, with simple rivets on the pockets,and buttoned fly’s and quality manufacturing, these jeans are another quality pair of denim.


Founded and designed by Matt Baldwin, Baldwin Denim is a Kansas City based clothing and lifestyle brand, founded on modern design, quality textiles, and American manufacturing.

Baldwin may be a rather overall less well known denim brand but its fabric speaks volumes about the company, sourcing the best Japanese cotton, these jeans are being endorsed by celebrities such as Jay-Z, who made the ‘Ryan’ camo-print pant famous. Regardless of any celebrity endorsements, these are quality denim. With a collection that covers rugged and adventurous to plain and simple fabric, there is absolutely something for every man under a Baldwin roof. Expect to pay a premium price for these quality garments. The Henley slim fit raw selvadge denim costs $220+

With jeans ever trending, originality is a prime need and that is why you need to have brand you can turn to for unique denim products. The above mentioned brands may just be a few of the top denim companies but certainly make some of the best jeans for men.