Favorite Religious Books to Read

Father George Rutler knows that finding a favorite religious book seems a daunting task since there are a plethora of books that are religious in nature on every subject known to man. To narrow the search down, one must know what makes a book religious. A sincere search for a deity would be a possible answer. A religious book should inspire. It should take its reader on a journey into a different realm. It should share stories of good people who have to suffer horrible things, The Shack, by William P. Young comes to mind. It should tell how a person can make decisions that often go awry but can always end well because of what was learned from them as Coelho’s The Alchemist did for many. A religious book should paint a picture of life’s struggles, Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress, and maybe even give readers a graphic idea of what the afterlife can be like as in Dante’s Inferno.

Everyone has a story to tell. Christian personalities, evangelists, apologists, and lay persons have put pen to paper and because of revelation, fear, struggles or divine inspiration sought to share a life changing word or experience that set them free. The desire to do the same for everyone who turns the pages of their books is why long after the book has been placed back on the shelf to collect dust, its words, characters and messages still resonate in the heart and lives of its reader.

Father George Rutler is such a writer. Rutler is a prolific author who has written over thirty popular books that have encouraged and inspired both Catholic and protestant readers. Some of his titles are A Crisis in Culture, Our Peculiar Times: Catholic Wisdom for Times of Crisis, The Wit and Wisdom of Father George Rutler, Hints of Heaven, and Stories of Hymns. He has also contributed articles to Crisis Magazine and writes a weekly newsletter.

Rutler was a practicing Episcopalian for many years. He served as an Episcopal priest for nine years in Pennsylvania and was the youngest rector in the Episcopal church in the states. In 1979 he became a fervent supporter of Catholicism after being received into the Catholic Church. He has since served the city of New York and his spirited parish at Church of St. Michael the Archangel. He uses his gifts and influence to edify people and point them to the Cross.

The favorite religious book for Catholics, protestants, agonists, atheists, anyone one desiring a saving and practical relationship with God is the Bible. This remarkable book speaks to the human experience and how we need a savior. It has everything. Lyrical and romantic poetry, history of kings and nations, letters that encourage, teach, and correct, revelations for the future, and essays about the beginning of time and life. If you need a favorite book curl up with a Bible, you will not be disappointed.

Best Astrology Books To Read

What are the best astrology books to read? There are so many choices to choose from today. If someone decides to research the Internet for the greatest read, that person will have endless amounts of choices. Alex Djerassi enjoys reading books. People are interested in looking in fortunetelling because it can give them an answer since the prediction is used to say that what happens to someone; is contained by destiny. Many people like to predict events that can change their outcome for the better. Prophecy can be exciting to learn too many people because there are many varieties of topics to get involved. It helps to get anyone interested in these manuscripts based on the topic to use. Hundreds of them are written about various topics. When looking for the best books to read, whatever suits your interest is worth it.

Harness the Stars to Discover Your Soul’s True Goal by Louise Edington tells about a recent psychological method to remake the choices of your life while advertising upbeat development through illegal abilities and tactics. When someone reads this book, they can share the knowledge that will open their imagination. The reader can understand the houses, planets, signs, and much more than giving them secrets to their life ambition to open their ability. The reader can soon learn how fortunetelling is used to find value through wisdom. Anyone who reads this book can always guess what happens previously. One would think that is how it works, as the reader will enjoy finding out to decide how fortunetelling can be useful as an everyday device to find meaning in their lives. This book will guide new learners to astrology. The author gives the reader how to lead a content life.

Astrology for Yourself is a book by Douglas Bloch and Demetra George. This story gives the reader an introduction to fortunetelling and identifying your birth chart. This is a good read for anyone who wants to take a more thoughtful method about your birth map the best way possible. The Law of Attraction (Lawyers In Love, # 1) by N. M. Silber is a fun read. It tells a story about a public guardian who is bold to his assistant district attorney with plenty of arrogance about him. They both discover that the journey to real love is not always charming, but it’s unique by crazy people in various situations that only readers will often laugh around. People say that situations like this book are more fact than fiction. The Home Court Advantage (Lawyers In Love, # 2) by N. M. Silber is a read of two people, Gabrielle and Braden, who have fallen in love. They have a good future together, but they need to survive bizarre people they meet in person. The people they meet are naked drivers who drive drunk, people who drop napkins, and UFO supporters. People will love reading this book because it deals if the verdict will give those two people a happy ending. Alex Djerassi recommends reading to anyone.

These Thrillers Will Keep You Hooked ‘Til The Very Last Page

Is this his vile attempt to stop her from finding her brother and shutting down her access to the vault? Aaaah! Are these clues leading her straight to her…death?

Nothing screams entertainment like a thriller that keeps you at the edge of your seat until you flip the last page. We picked three books that will keep you spellbound this spring.  

DOUBLE BLIND: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders  

Buckle up as Sara Winokur takes you on a wild ride with DOUBLE BLIND: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders. This crime thriller explores Iceland’s cultural landscape, taking you through rural farmsteads and icy fjords to the sophisticated world of DNA forensics.  

A young boy goes missing in North Iceland. Twenty years later, his twin sister Brynja, a forensic geneticist, finds a mysterious poem on her desk. The poem brings her hope that her lost brother might be alive, but as Brynja starts unraveling clues, more poems appear. These poems carry grave consequences for those who receive them: the guard of the medieval manuscript of Icelandic sagas who likely holds the answer to her pressing question, the prime minister’s secretary, and the neighborhood pastor.  

Is this the poet’s vile attempt to stop her from finding her brother, or shut down her access to the vault? Are these clues leading her straight to her death? Aaaah! 

The story rides on the motive behind the poet’s attempt to reach Brynja. Whether he aims to stop her from finding her brother, block her access to the DNA database, or worse, kill her, you will have to find out! 

The Org  

Set in the near future, Scott Brody’s The Org speaks of the effects of the global climate crisis; it faces dire adversities like degrading weather conditions, food scarcity, and heightened panic. 

The EcoParty’s leader, Lee Beloit, uses his charismatic skills to remake his organization after the mysterious murder of one of his followers. He revamps his small cult to create a national movement with a manifesto to fight climate change. Although polling numbers look promising and the movement is gathering positive traction, he and his followers are facing the fight of their lives. When President Leo Pine sends people to battle Org members in the streets, Beloit fights back, pushing his people to the breaking point. As he prepares to declare the Democratic Party nomination for President, journalist Walt Jones gears up to reveal Beloit as the protector of a killer. This book is a journey through a series of precarious events that unfold in the years leading up the campaign.  

If you are someone who enjoys action-packed mysteries in a political backdrop, you’ll love The OrgLearn more about the author and the inspiration behind his book. 

A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men and Monsters 

When a professional fighter turned master chef cooks up a horror story, you don’t want to miss any of the delicious details. Author David Ruggerio’s A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men and Monsters is set in real towns and recognizable places, making the book even spookier to read. 

As autumn arrives, the sleepy village of Brunswick, NY comes alive with holiday hayrides through scenic apple orchards, ghostly corn mazes, and loaded pumpkin patches. One snowy Halloween, a young lad named William Willowsby is faced with fighting evil forces that were guarded against by generations of villagers before him. Not too far from the town, the abandoned Forest Park Cemetery is home to all sorts of vile things just waiting for their chance to poison the world to which they once belonged. With their help, the evil taskmaster, a rare homunculus, weaves a wicked web to snare the youth of the hamlet, and only Will can stop them. 

If this hasn’t spooked you enough, then an eerie schoolhouse, a deserted morgue, and a member from William’s own family are bound to leave you sleepless for days. To know more about David and what he believes is the perfect recipe for a good horror novel, click here. 

Soon to be Released: Hot New Reads

Autumn. Check. Cool weather? Check. New books to read for fall? Don’t worry, we’ve got the inside scoop on new releases. There’s a little something for everyone, a mix of genres: horror, business, and mystery. Set your reminders, here are the hot new reads:

  • Billions at Play: The Future of Africa Energy and Doing Deals.
    In Billions at Play: The Future of Africa Energy and Doing Deals, NJ Ayuk, is bringing Africa to the fore front— right along with its profitable natural resources, oil and energy. Experts in energy have said that Africa has a rich oil source. If Africa were to embark on energy deals, delivered on an international level, not only will Africa be headed to substantial economic growth, they could become a supplier of energy, globally. Billions at Play: The Future of Africa Energy and Doing Deals will be released on October 22, 2019.
  • A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men and Monsters
    A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men and Monsters is set in a small town in New York, less than 5,000 residents. The horror novel by David Ruggerio, follows a young boy on Halloween as he fights against the powers of wicked entities. The book is filled with scary and disturbing settings, a scary schoolhouse, a mortuary, graveyard, and a mystery to be revealed that promises to leave us restless. A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men and Monsters will be available on October 30, 2019. Pre-order your copy for Halloween.
  • Monster on the Moors
    Monster on the Moors by J.M Kelly follows Bobby Holmes and his close relatives as they unravel a life-threatening mystery. Set in the North York Moors of England, the group of friends embark on a journey to search for a stranger who is associated with the Wolf Slayer. Monsters, witches, and gypsies emerge as danger and truths unfold. Monsters on the Moors will be available in November. 
  • The Night Fire
    The Night Fire by bestselling author, Michael Connelly, follows Harry Bosch and LAPD Detective Renée Ballard as they solve a death involving a murder book. As Bosch and Ballard go deeper into the investigation, they begin to question if the murder book is a piece of evidence that may have been connected to a cover up. The title will be available on October 22, 2019. 

The variety in theses genres will keep you on your toes. Keep in mind that all the books listed can be preordered and will automatically load to your device. Some books will load by midnight—the first hour of the release date. Or if you pre-order a hardcopy, they’ll arrive on the books release date.

Women Authors to Celebrate This Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, I’ve put this list of women authors that will inspire. Check out their books with strong female leads.  These female protagonists take charge of their destiny. With courage and strength, these writers are creating stories that empower.

Debra Tash

In Debra Tash’s new book Last Call, Rebecca refuses to be another bystander as her freedoms are stripped away. This leading female character takes charge and starts a revolution. Last Call is a dystopian novel that warns us to be mindful of giving the government too much power.

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Konni Granma

The Lonely Hearts Bar features Connie, a sharp, witty and wickedly talented student screenwriter. We follow Connie as she meets many important people in her life, all connected to a dusty old tavern outside of LA.

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Yanique Beliard-Michel

Yanique’s memoir, Unique in America, will be released in April. The story of her growing up and coming to America packs a punch. Be inspired by her sacrifices, losses and strong will to provide the best life possible for her and her daughters. Pre order your copy and share in her triumph.

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Barbara Morriss

Barbara Morriss specializes in mysterious love stories.  Her latest novel, A Promise in Autumn releases soon. A Promise in Autumn is the struggle of a displaced Irish girl trying to find a sense of home. She falls in love with a protestant and wonders why her church does not recognize the marriage of two. Her resolve to be with the man she loves despite her the lack of support is inspiring.

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Laurel Anne Hill

Laurel Anne Hill is a new up-and-coming young adult author. She has won numerous awards for her latest novel, The Engine Woman’s Light. This steampunk adventure follows a young woman as she discovers her destiny – to save the unwanted.

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Laurie Finkelstein

Author Laurie doesn’t take life too seriously. Her novel, Next Therapist Please is loosely based off Laurie’s experiences, and you will see how her sense of humor and positive attitude has served her well. Laurie hopes to encourage other’s to break the stigma of  mental illness, one laugh at a time.

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3 Books For Your List Minute Gift

A book for the young adult on your list, The Engine Woman’s Light by Laurel Anne Hill is critically acclaimed and a fan favorite. Engine Woman’s Light is a hit with young adult readers everywhere. This captivating novel blends modern-day issues with old-timey characters, steampunk with ghosts, and Hispanic culture with Native American lore.

A book for the romantic at heart for the holidays, Next Therapist Please by Laurie Finkelstein is a romantic comedy with witty humor and a serious topic. In this fun, sarcastic novel, main character Janie Weiss lives with depression, anxiety and OCD. After a tragic and devastating loss, she is reacquainted with her favorite therapist.

A book for the spiritualist, You Are Psychic, The Healer’s Handbook by Michael Priv a must have guide to energy healing. Priv shares his knowledge and proven techniques for deeper psychic abilities with the world. For the healer on your gift list, this ultimate guide will shed light on capabilities they may have imagined.