Latest Flavorless Socati Water-Soluble Ingredients

Technological advancements in research have caused growing awareness about the benefits of cannabinoids, leading to a rise in demand for products containing CBD. However, since most plants that manufacture CBD also produce THC, removal of these intoxicating chemicals from hemp extracts has been a challenge, even with the help of chromatography on a larger scale.

Austin-based Socati is quickly becoming a key player in the booming CBD and cannabinoid industry. The company produces broad-spectrum hemp extract that contains high percentages of CBD, along with a special water-soluble CBD product, both of which are supplied to CPG manufacturers directly.

The company has gained recognition since its inception in 2018, leading to the funding of $42 million from just two rounds of investor funding. The team is continually researching and testing out new development techniques, including chromatographic processes, extraction procedures, and proprietary genetics.

As a supplier of hemp-derived ingredients for manufacturers, Socati was the first company in the CBD industry to develop large-scale chromatography processes intended to reduce the THC to undetectable levels.

Comprised of chemists, agronomists, industry executives, and geneticists, the Socati team can develop the next level of natural ingredients through revolutionary technological advancements. The company’s success is attributed to the team’s years of specialized experience and expertise. They are also credited with founding and running biochemical, healthcare, agribusiness, high-tech, and medical cannabis companies.

The two products developed by Socati contain high levels of CBD and CBG (cannabigerol), along with non-detectable levels of THC. As an ultra-high purity CBD oil product, this ingredient has targeted terpene profiles and low cannabinoid ratios. It is recommended to product brands and manufacturers who are looking for a scalable source of broad-spectrum, non-detectable THC extract. The water-soluble product consists of a stable water-soluble powder that has a high amount of CBD, providing reliable consumer experiences.

Flavorless Water-Soluble Ingredient

The company recently unveiled its latest ingredient, a water-soluble CBD powder, which is completely flavorless. The unique properties of this component enable manufacturers to add hemp-derived cannabinoids directly into their products without having to use surfactants, additional flavoring agents, emulsifiers, or other complex treatments.

The creation of these unique formulations was made possible by advanced micro-encapsulation technology. This process includes flavor solutions to make comprehensive ingredients for the development of a product and integrating natural antimicrobials and antioxidants to lengthen the shelf life.

According to Josh Epstein, chief executive officer of Socati, the hemp and CBD industry has long faced significant problems when it comes to adding cannabinoids to food, topical formulas, and beverages without changing the texture or flavor of the finished products. However, he speculates that the problem has been solved by this new flavorless ingredient, providing exactly what manufacturers need to meet the increasing demand for CBD and CBG products.

By taking advantage of the most advanced technologies in the food and beverage sector, this flavorless water-soluble ingredient also utilizes the chromatographic process to make sure that the finished product contains active CBD and CBG components while the THC content remains undetectable.

Additional Information

All Socati products are thoroughly tested by certified third-party laboratories that give a verified analysis showing THC is at a non-detectable level along with results of CBD and CBG levels. The company’s processing facilities observe GMP standards and are certified by SQF.