Interviewing Arshad Madhani: Picking the Brain Of This Digital Nomad

With over ten years in the digital marketing industry, Arshad Madhani knows better than anyone how effective digital marketing can transform any business.

Madhani received his MBA from Texas A&M International University before diving headfirst into a career in digital marketing and innovation. As a consultant, he helps clients craft effective digital marketing strategies that let them stay true to their brand while attracting the target consumers that will benefit from their products. In his role as a consultant, he is often traveling from place to place, meeting with clients, attending industry conferences, and enjoying leisure trips.

We were lucky enough to have a sit-down with him to get his take on his life as a so called “digital nomad”.

What Does Being a Digital Nomad Mean to You?

For me it means having the freedom to work from anywhere. Today, most people associate it with the image of tinkering on your laptop while sipping Mai Tais at the beach, right? In some ways, it can be as carefree as that. However, for me, it means having the freedom to be anywhere and still be able to do the work you love. It could be your living room or poolside in a nice resort.

This shift in day jobs from something that keeps you cooped up in an office from 9 to 5 to one that is very flexible is being adopted by freelancers and even major companies today. I think this trend is not going away anytime soon. In fact, I think this will become the new normal a few years from now.

What Is One of Your Favorite Things About Being a Digital Nomad?

Freedom is the best thing about being a digital nomad. You choose where you work, how you work, and even when you do it. Being a digital nomad allows you to create the best place for productivity according to your working style and taste. We didn’t have this freedom years ago.

Would You Describe Yourself as a Road Warrior or Frequent Flyer?

I’m open to long road trips but flying can be the more convenient option for work-related trips if time is crucial. Most of the time I travel by air, just because I travel a lot for work. Living in Atlanta makes air travel convenient because the airport is a major hub that easily connects me to the rest of the world.

What is One of the Hardest Things About Being a Digital Nomad?

The hardest thing would be tearing yourself off from work to enjoy the view. Or it could be the other way around. People who find it hard to exercise self-discipline and don’t know how to manage their time may find that being a digital nomad can be too distracting for productive work. If you are traveling the world and working at the same time, you need to have that discipline and dedication to set aside time for work before you go out and play. Balance is key, especially if you are your own boss. This is a skill that many aspiring nomads learn the hard way.

Where is Your Favorite Place to Work From?

The office is still my favorite place to work from, simply because I am most productive there and I can easily access my team from there. However, since I am a consultant, I can work pretty much anywhere. I prefer any place that is conducive for concentration, whether you are working alone or meeting up with a group of people. Lately, co-working spaces have become a favorite because they offer so many things that a traditional office provides.

How Can People Connect with You?
People can connect with me on social media through Facebook and Twitter. You can also learn more about me and get some of my business and marketing insights by visiting my website at