How To Get The Best Deal On Diamond Jewelry

Everyone wants the perfect ring. Diamonds are one of the most expensive purchases everyone wants to make in their life. In order to make the purchase, however, it is critical to plan ahead and understand the process of acquiring these precious stones. It is important before spending on diamond jewelry that you do the following with either your partner or, your financial trustee;

  1. Talk about your finances

If you have not done this, you need to as soon as possible. This, however, should not necessarily be about the ring, but about the general idea of making such a huge purchase. Both of you need to know that you have similar goals when such huge finances are involved. If it your significant other, ask yourself if you really know what her expectations are when it comes to such big, and extravagant purchases.

  1. Make a purchase plan

After having that heavy talk about the financial situation and the expectations, you basically need to start planning for the big purchase. You essentially need to start with the budget. Plan your finances in a way that when getting the jewelry will not strain you in the end. It is very important to remember to save before the big purchase to avoid any financial strain after it. If you have already made plans on diamond jewelry, do not sway to other options during the purchase as you will disarrange all the plans and also confuse yourself mentally. Buying diamond jewelry for your loved one should not be among the investments you make. You need to go all out if you want the best stones for her with a clear conscience.

  1. Make a decision

Depending on the reason for purchasing the diamonds, you are required to make a decision. Diamonds are the traditional stones used for engagement rings and other jewelry designed for your significant other. In the instance where you might need other options, it is highly recommended to think about the moissanite. This stone is nearly colorless, just like the diamonds. It is also durable and resistant to abrasion. It is also relatively affordable. In order to get the best deal, however, as much as you need to know your other viable options, you need to make a decision on the exact piece of diamond jewelry you are looking for.

  1. Know the 4 Cs
  • Carat. This is the standard measurement unit for measuring the weight of diamonds. In that, 1 carat is equivalent to 0.5 grams. The size of the jewelry matters a lot although, bigger is not always better. For the best deal for both your partner and your pockets, think about your budget and her hand. Big diamonds in most cases look odd and are full of inconveniences. Diamond prices usually jump at the full and half-carat weights. Have that in mind.
  • Cut. This is the most significant characteristic of a diamond. This is because the cut themselves define the diamond’s brilliance. Well-cut diamonds tend to have more sparkle and a brighter shine as compared to the poorly cut diamonds. It is therefore recommended to know the quality of cuts so as to determine the actual values of each diamond piece before purchase.
  • Clarity. This is basically the number of imperfections visible on a diamond stone. Usually categorized from flawless to inclusion. Inclusion is categorized for most people that buy diamonds with no obvious flaws. Most of the people, however, go for diamonds with small inclusions to the very small inclusions.
  • Color. Diamond colors are graded from D which is colorless to yellow meaning they are colored. Most people prefer colorless diamonds.  You need to know that this difference in color means a high value which converts into expense in cost.
  1. Stick to your budget

When buying the diamond jewelry, it is advisable not to get emotionally attached to any diamond piece. This will make you make a rushed judgment call that was not initially in your budget. Take your valuable time to get well equipped with knowledge about the different stones so as to get the best value worth your money.

Confirm certification of the diamond stones. This would guarantee that the stones come with the 4Cs and are polished for sale. In your budget plan, make sure that you, however, give an inclusion of certified diamonds as they in most instances cost more to avoid being scammed by hungry diamond jewelry retailers.

After knowing the essential details, as a potential buyer, you are required to understand the buying process of the diamond jewelry. Do some research about the retailer you have chosen to go to, such as Elizabeth Diamond Company. The vocabulary used in there might leave you confused and end up being talked into buying jewelry that you never intended to or, something not worth the price you got.

Get recommendations and other vital information from people that have purchased diamond jewelry from the retail store you intend to visit. After you have decided on the particular kind of diamond and the store, go ahead and contact the store for a GIA certificate. When satisfied that it is legit, you can now go on ahead and make the purchase. Once you receive the diamond stone, it is also advisable to go to an independent appraiser to make sure that the stone you purchased matches the particular GIA certificate you received. If it is not inscribed with the GIA number, you might need to get it inscribed to avoid cases of theft.

When buying diamond jewelry especially diamond stones, you might prefer to buy the diamonds and the settings separately to either save cash or acquire a custom fitting. You can just research on the setting you want most and have your local jewelers make it for you at a lower rate. You could also buy the setting online but before you do, you need to find out how much it will cost you to service it, and how you will make the adjustments in your budget plan you had made earlier. Never believe what the sellers say. You need to check it out for yourself. Remember to inquire about the refund policy of the seller to avoid losing your hard-earned money.