Fun Summer Activities

The abundance of time and choices that accompany the onset of summer can leave some of us feeling overwhelmed. It can be tricky to balance the wants and needs of your family or friends with so many places and activities available out there. The bottom line is that there is no reason for you to have a boring summer, and with careful planning, everyone can feel reset when autumn rolls back around. Consider traveling, installing a pool, making your own backyard fun, looking locally, and volunteering to create variety in a summer itinerary. There are plenty of options out there for you, and don’t forget to take your family and friends along for the ride!

Travel Fun

Consider traveling as an adventurous summertime option. Flying is always a fast option but planning out a road trip to your destination means sugary snacks and jamming out to your favorite tunes. Finding a new place to explore expands your world and a road trip provides tons of fun along the way. A different city offers a variety of new activities that you don’t usually have the opportunity to experience. Take advantage of this by finding what is unique about the area and see how it can fit your group. For example, an activity like surfing lessons in Waikiki can be done solo, in a group, or with your family at different levels of experience. Don’t be afraid to ask locals or do online research on what is popular and what is not as well known to make the most of a trip far from home. Find fun food places to sample local cuisine. From airfare to gas prices to entrance fees, traveling and attempting new activities can be expensive. Use websites that find the cheapest airfare for your travel dates, and find deals for those group outings. Saving money along the way will help you in the long run.

Install a Pool

If you’re looking to stay much closer to home but still have a great time this summer, consider installing a pool in your backyard. This option can provide so much fun for summers to come. With so many options, like above or inground swimming pool construction, it should be easy to find the best fit for your backyard situation. A bigger pool welcomes more family and friends to hop in and join the fun. Add-ons like a fun slide or diving board also add to the entertainment value that this summer addition can give you. This close-to-home option has a higher up-front cost but pays for itself in at-home and outdoor fresh air entertainment. A pool is the perfect venue to have a cookout for your Fourth of July or birthday party for your children. The theme is always summer fun, and a pool is the best way to beat the heat. Set up for the perfect summertime get-together with plenty of treats and exciting games to please the crowd. Parties and celebrations are always a blast, but a lazy afternoon to swim is perfect for a more low-key day.

Backyard Fun

Other options for fun that is close to home include setting up activities that can fit into your backyard. Be prepared for DIY crafts that your wallet will be happy about. If your family or group of friends want to watch a popular movie, you can create the coolest outdoor viewing experience for them. Use a projector and set up a screen using a white sheet. Provide the snacks and check your audio to complete the big-screen event. You don’t have to go far to enjoy camping. Your backyard is just far away enough to bask in the starry night sky while still enjoying the pleasures of indoor plumbing. In the morning, have some water fun in the sun with games like a water balloon or water gun fight. Don’t be afraid to cool off in a silly way.


Local Attractions

Don’t forget about local attractions in your own city or state that you might tend to overlook. These inexpensive options can still be loads of fun. Act like a tourist in your own hometown and visit or revisit locales for summer fun. For example, a tourist attraction in Halifax, PA could be the go-to place to visit even as a local. There’s no reason to ignore these. Even local eateries with foods that are unique to your area could be worth checking out again through the eyes of a newcomer. If you are joined by your family or group of friends, get their suggestions for different places. Attempt to be as inclusive as possible by accounting for any disability or discomfort of your family or group. Try places like sensory friendly activities in Lansing, MI to better meet the needs of those around you. These activities will ensure that everyone in the group enjoys themselves to the best of their abilities.



A fun and cost-free option for the extra free time that you or your family might have in the summer is volunteering. Teach the kids while reminding yourself of the importance of paying forward all the good in your life by helping those who are less fortunate. Find an organization or rotate between multiple groups that need volunteers. This can be in a variety of settings from a nursing home, a local soup kitchen, or an animal shelter. This bonding activity will help you newly appreciate your own lives. Donating time that would have been otherwise spent lounging around adds value that you can’t find anywhere else. Other options that have educational value are helping at a national park, your local library, or a museum. These sorts of publicly-funded places often need help organizing materials or setting up for events.

Whichever options you are able to work into your summer will be sure to provide an abundance of memories and fun photos to look back on for years to come. Overwhelming as they may seem, there is no shortage of possibilities for your sunny days. Establishing a budget, especially for the costlier activities that include travel, is important in order to make a successful and frugal trip. Maintaining an understanding of the bigger picture by lending time to others is also an important life lesson that can be a part of your summer. Supporting your local attractions with renewed purpose will establish a fun summer tradition.