Easy Home Décor Projects You Can DIY This Weekend

More and more people these days are taking on DIY projects. Danny Lipford of Today’s Homeowner and a member of the Home Projects Council (HPC) noted that the reason behind that isn’t just for saving a lot of money, but it’s because of the sense of accomplishment. In a survey conducted by the Home Projects Council, a little over half of the intermediately-skilled respondents stated they took on the work because it was cheaper than hiring a pro, while a third stated that simply enjoyed doing the projects.

No matter what the reason, there’s little doubt that DIY home décor projects are a great way to get creative, and it doesn’t have to be a major undertaking. There are many easy home décor projects you can DIY in a weekend of less.

Invisible Bookends

If you hate clutter and love the minimized look, invisible bookends are a no brainer. They’re so minimalist, you can’t even see them, and they’re super easy to make, as abeautifulmess.com explains.

For two bookends, you’ll need:

  •         2 books with 1” spines
  •         2 thin metal bookends
  •         A wood board in a dimension to fit your books
  •         Super glue
  •         Clamps
  •         Craft blade or razor blade


To make things easier, find a book depth that corresponds with standard widths to avoid the need to cut your lumber. You may want to bring a book with you to your home improvement/hardware store or lumber yard.

  1.    Use a razor blade or a sharp craft blade to cut the contents of the book from its spine.
  2.    Wrap the spine around the board to mark where you’ll need to cut. Leave about a 1/8” gap at the top more a more realistic effect.
  3.    Cut the board to the length marked. You may be able to have the cuts made at the place the lumber was purchased, otherwise you’ll need to use a saw at home.
  4.    Cover the metal bookends and the lumber with a moderate amount of super glue, carefully avoiding the edges so it doesn’t seep out.
  5.    Use your clamps to press it all together while the glue sets. Use some scrap lumber to provide a buffer between the clamps and the book to avoid indents being left.

Seashell Candles

If you happen to live near a beach, items such as seashells, driftwood and the like can make for a fabulous decorative piece. Even if you don’t but simply want to enjoy the beach look, this project can easily be accomplished with shells purchased online. Looking through the condos for sale in Miami, many feature huge impact windows for bringing the outdoors in, and strategically placed candle seashells can really bring it all together.

All you need for this DIY project is some good-sized seashells, hot glue, candle wax and candle wicks.


  1.    Wash the seashells and then thoroughly dry.
  2.    Add a dot of hot glue to the inside of each seashell in order to hold the wick.
  3.    Place your candle wax into a metal pot, and then place the pot into a larger pot filled with boiling water to melt the wax.
  4.    Pour the melted wax into each shell, making sure the wick is straight.
  5.    Place your candle seashells on your mantle, shelves, end tables and/or other spots throughout your home; light and enjoy.

Chalkboard Vases

If you happen to have some empty wine bottles around, they can be used to make all sorts of fun DIY projects, including vases. We’re not talking just sticking some flowers in and calling it a vase. Instead, pick up some chalkboard paint, available on Amazon and most home improvement stores. It will convert glass into a usable chalkboard to make a personalized vase. Just spray it onto a bottle and add a drawing or a message, like “peace,” “love” “friendship” or what have you –it can be changed as often as you like.