Discover How Online Life Coaching Can Help You Overcome Depression

Unfortunately, the current depression epidemic is on the rise with over 18% of Americans afflicted with it. Yet with only around 36% of those suffering seeking help, are there any other alternatives?

The Anxiety & Depression Association of America claims that they only consider someone seeking help as a person on some form of treatment which means they are on an anti-depressant. Is it possible that the reason others are not seeking support with their ailment because they don’t want to risk the harms of the side effects that come with these drugs?

Sarah Stevens, an online life coach and therapist, says yes and that many of her clients who have taken these drugs have been severely afflicted from them. In a recent interview, she stated that “It took me almost two years to help my clients get off these drugs and to no longer feel the pain that came with the side effects. Many of my clients were suffering from

nausea, increased appetite and weight gain, loss of sexual desire and other sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and decreased orgasm, fatigue and drowsiness, insomnia, dry mouth, blurred vision, constipation, dizziness, agitation, irritability, and anxiety.”

But with over 40 million adults suffering from some for of depression, are there any other alternatives? Sarah says that the way she helps her clients overcome depression is by coaching them online on a regular basis to help them address the root cause of their situation. She says that many people avoid the reason why they are depressed by taking drugs which only suppresses the symptoms and does not actually help the person seeking support.

“If you numb the symptoms of depression, then all it does is help you avoid what is actually causing it. People need to start getting honest with themselves about why they are depressed and face it head on. Yes, it may be challenging at first, but in the long run can bring your life back into balance and harmony which is what you really want.”

She also states that through her online life coaching program, she is able to easily meet with her clients wherever they are and provide them quick and ample help when they need it. Many of her clients really appreciate being able to have her there whenever they need her and that its almost as if she was living with them.

“I know that many people would think its easier to just take the anti-depressant. But in reality, it not only causes more harm, but brings on other problems that just add insult to injury.”