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Are Journalists Overwhelmed by 2020 Events?

2020 has been a whirlwind for everyone. There are breaking news stories constantly being reported to mass media audiences. Editors like Ken Kurson, believe journalists have their work cut out for them. It takes a lot of work to cover stories that are so vast in topics. 

Many broadcasters have to rely on top outlets and journalists to get their education. There have definitely been battles in the press room on who gets the best story the fastest. Think about how each media outlet wants to release a breaking news story to get as much traffic to the domain as possible. With that being said, it can be difficult to undertake that much information at once. There are scientists, country leaders, astronauts, and literacy professionals constantly erupting with information.It is up to the journalist to filter through the overload of information and run with a story. This can be a lot of pressure for many of them. Are they supposed to choose what is important and what’s not? Sharing such vast details with the world is a very high stake operation. A lot of journalists fear that they will give the wrong information or their interpretations will be misunderstood by various audience members. Ken Kurson says the best way to be a successful journalist in 2020 is by doing your best and showing respect.

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