5 Ways To Avoid Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has become a huge problem, endangering drivers all over Canada. With all of the technology we have at our fingertips, it can be very difficult to remain focused on the road. Travelling for extended periods of time can make the temptation even worse, and you could end up with a ticket, or in a collision. Here are some ideas for ensuring that you remain safe on the road.

  1. Put your cell phone on silent while driving

Lots of cell phones have driving modes that silence notifications while you’re behind the wheel. It may seem arbitrary, but the sound from a text message or phone call could distract your focus for long enough to put you in danger. Plus, having your phone on silent eliminates the temptation to text and drive.

  1. Don’t wholly rely on your navigation system

Navigation systems don’t work 100% of the time, so look at the directions to your destination before you hit the road. Recalculating GPS systems, or having to adjust your navigation system while driving, is a recipe for distracted driving. If you’re driving with passengers, entrust one of them with navigating to your destination so you don’t have to be on your phone.

  1. Keep music and movies at a reasonable volume

Loud music or movies can make it difficult to pay attention to cars surrounding you. Keep music low enough so that you can hear conversations between you and your passengers. If you’re driving with kids, and they are watching movies in the car, pull over to change discs, or have one of your passengers be in charge of the entertainment.

  1. Make sure kids or pets are positioned securely

Making sure that your kids or pets are secured in your vehicle is especially important during long drives, where sitting for long periods can be challenging for young kids. Driving with kids may necessitate more frequent breaks because their patience may run thin. If one of your kids wriggles out of their seat, pull over and make sure they are secured, do not try to adjust them while driving your vehicle.

  1. Don’t impede traffic by looking at collisions on highways

Have you ever hit slow traffic because of a collision? It may be because lanes are blocked, but often it’s because other vehicles are slowing down to see what happened. Keep your eyes focused on the road to avoid rear ending another vehicle.

Keeping yourself focused while driving is crucial to keeping you and your family safe on the road. Keep your hands off your tech, especially if you’re driving with young drivers who will take their cues from you. Avoid texting at all times, and make sure that on long drives you prepare your entertainment. Keeping yourself focused on the road will lower your risk of a collision, which means your premiums stay low. If your current provider isn’t rewarding your safe driving, compare your policy to other insurance providers. You may find that you could save money by switching.