4 Things You Should Know About Getting Divorced While Pregnant

It happens more often that a woman going through a divorce process is pregnant. This usually raises questions such as; will the court allow completion of the divorce while the woman is pregnant? Will there be any legal presumption of the husband being the father?

What if another man who is not the husband is the father of the baby? Filing petition for a divorce process usually comes first. Here are some 4 things you should know about getting divorced while pregnant:

  1. Custody Will be a Big Issue

If you are filing for divorce, it’s important to know that the custody of your baby would come into question after it is born. During the first weeks after birth, mothers tend to spend more time with their babies. However, you can come up with ways in which your ex-partner can spend time with your new born baby.

Adjusting to your new born baby without any support can be challenging. The support of another person, especially your spouse, in the house as the baby develops, is one of the major reasons you should avoid at all costs. The baby growing in the watch of both parents means a lot as support comes from both sides.

  1. Home Arrangements Will be Needed

If you still living with the person you are divorcing you need to have a plan of either moving out or letting him move out. If so, you need to think of basically buying two sets of everything you might need. Research shows that children who are brought up by two parents tend to do better in everything they do unlike those who stay with a single parent.

Single mothers have been found to experience, addictions and illnesses that are mental and physical in nature. Therefore, it is important to rethink the divorce issue during pregnancy before making up your mind.

  1. Childcare Could be Costly

Consider childcare options for your baby before its arrival if you and your ex-spouse have jobs. If you happen to have a plan of going back to work immediately after your maternity leave is over, there are things to look into. For instance, how will childcare be paid for? Make sure you also arrange for your weekends.

It might look simple on paper, however, it is always easier said than done. With the need to share custody of the baby, and communicating and working, you might miss some of the most important milestones during your child’s first years.

  1. Hospital and Insurance Bills are Important

Insurance and hospital bills are among the most important things couples need to think about before deciding to take divorce. If your partner is under an insurance plan, you’d want to discuss it and come up with a solution before signing any papers.

You probably don’t want to be left in the middle of a huge hospital bill during your pregnancy just because your ex-partner took you off his insurance plan.