3 Things To Teach Your Kids About Being Safe Around Water This Summer

When the temperature gets hot, families all over the world flock to any kind of water they have available in their area. From pools or lakes and even splash pads and backyard ponds, having water to cool off in can make warm weather much easier to endure. However, being around water can also pose some potentially deadly hazards to you and your kids.

So to help ensure that everyone in your family safely makes it through the summer, here are three things to teach your kids about being safe around water this summer. 

Help Your Kids Learn To Respect Water

The first thing you need to instill in your children is to have a respect for any water that they’re going to be around.

Small children can drown in even just a few inches of water. In addition to this, natural water can have currents that may not look strong but can be very hard to maneuver in. If your kids don’t know or understand these things, they might take on unnecessary risks that could put them in a lot of danger. So in addition to teaching your kids about how to swim, also teach them just what you’re nervous about when they are near water. 

Teach Kids To Always Ask For Permission

While water can be incredibly enticing to kids when they’re hot and wanting to cool off, you should inform your kids that they are always to ask you for permission before they get into any kind of body of water. 

Not only does asking for permission help you to know where your kids will be and what kind of water they’re going to be playing in, but it can also give you a chance to ask additional questions about who will be there, what adult is going to be supervising, and if they’re prepared with things like sunscreen and flotation devices. 

Be Safe Around Water As Well

It’s not only when your kids are going to be submerged in water that you need to be concerned about their safety. There are ways your kids can get hurt around water when they aren’t even completely in it.

For example, if your kids are going to be at the beach, teach them about any animals they should avoid and how to keep themselves from getting sunburned. Additionally, if your kids will be around a pool, they should know not to try to reach anything that’s fallen into the pool and to always walk when they are on wet surfaces

To help you and your family stay safe whenever you’re near water this summer, consider implementing some of the tips mentioned above this summer season.