Tips And Techniques For A Smooth And Easy Move

Let’s face it; unless you have very few things in your place, moving can be one of the most daunting tasks you will be required to get involved in. It is normal for moving to overwhelm an individual, and you need to be well prepared and planned for it to be smooth and easy. Moving day involves a lot of things, and if you do not coordinate the people involved and the items well, you could have one hell of a day. Luckily we have prepared some tips and techniques that will help you sail through your moving day smoothly and eventually enjoy your new home.

Find The Right Movers

The moving company you select can easily make or break your moving day. Do not just settle on any mover you stumble on the streets as they could be wrong and end up spoiling everything after you struggle to plan for everything perfectly. Take your time when assessing your options and check out what the customers have to say before settling on any moving firm. You should also look at other important things such as the number of years they have been helping people to move and the amount they charge for their services.

Plan Ahead

If you know the exact date that you will be moving, start planning. Keep your movers in the loop about any changes to the schedule so that they can have ample time when adjusting. Schedule everything well in advance so that everyone knows what they are supposed to do before that day and on that day to avoid any confusions. This will reduce the number of issues you will have to deal with since all the unexpected things that may force you to change your plans will be significantly minimized.

Prepare A List

It easy to ignore this as a technique that is old fashioned but you will realize its importance once you start getting confused when executing your move. Write everything down, and you will thank yourself later. Before you begin packing this, create an inventory that contains all the things in all the boxes. Keep in mind that moving does not only entail getting things from your current living space but it also extends to unpacking your items and rearranging them in your new home. Keeping an inventory will help you know where everything is so that you are not forced to start unpacking all your boxes when looking for a single item.

Get Enough Supplies

You will need a lot of supplies, specifically packing and sealing materials, probably even more than you think. Ensure that you get enough, and if you are using a reliable moving company that offers boxes, you could get lots of them and then return the rest for a refund. When assigning different items to the boxes, ensure you leave around five of them for the last-minute items that were not planned for. This is because you can think that specific items will fit in one box and end up finding that they do not fit. You could also damage some of the boxes during packing and thus having extra ones will help you. You won’t need boxes only as packing tape will come in handy when sealing the boxes. You might also need old newspapers to safely pack some of the glassware, and they should all be enough.

Group Items Well

When developing your moving strategy, ensure that you categorize your items well. Do not mix up your shoes with the plates and cups as this will only bring more confusion. Keep all the bookends and related items together, same with the small appliances and electric cords. You should also group things on a room level so that when you get to your new place, you know which boxes are supposed to head to which room for easier unpacking. When grouping these items, do not forget to label the boxes clearly while indicating what is contained in it as mentioned above.

Pack Well In Advance

You should rally all your family members to start packing early before the moving day reaches to save time. If it is summer and you won’t need your winter clothes, you could tuck them away and let them stay in a suitcase or bag. As the day approaches, pack up the things that are not needed gradually so that you have to do very minimal packing on the eve of the moving day. All your utensils should be packed save for the few essential ones that you will need when grabbing a meal on the eve of the moving day. If possible, you could sacrifice some things such as entertainment and normal cooking and opt to get take out and stay without TV for one day so that you can save time on the moving day.

Keep Valuable Items Safely

Do not make a mistake of packing your valuables with all the other normal items. If you decide to pack them differently, label that box clearly and ensure you inform the movers about the fragility of the items so that they can take caution when driving. All your papers such as the birth certificates, school degrees, and title deeds should be with you, and you should not leave them with the movers. When hiring a mover, check and ensure that they are insured so that if any of your items gets damaged along the way, you will have a reason to claim for compensation.

Take The Opportunity to Purge

When you live in one place for a long time, you get attached to things that you do not need. Do not carry around unnecessary items and take this chance to give away such things. You could sell some of these things and raise some significant amount of money. You can put up some of the items on websites such as Craigslist and look for people who are interested in buying them. Or you could opt for a storage space that will help you store your valuables for the time being.

The tips and techniques courtesy of mentioned above can come in handy on your moving day as they help you to go about simple things that we tend to ignore and they end up making the day hectic. Follow them, and you will see how smooth and easy your move will be.

Infographic Provided by We Buy Houses in Kentucky