Not A Scam, It’s Legit: How John Crestani’s Work At Home Secrets Changed My Life

Financial instability is one huddle most people would do anything to cross. There is so much joy when you can get groceries and foodstuff without having to empty your pocket. In such cases, you need to have a stable and robust source of income. 

The joy becomes fuller when you earn with ease. Nowadays, a large percentage of workers do their office works from home.

This new trend of working at home has been one of the changes brought about by the novel covid-19 pandemic. Many people have to adapt to this new trend to ensure that their businesses and organizations do not remain dormant throughout the pandemic period. 

What more do you need during a period such as this than legit tips on how to change your life and business? In his book: Work At Home Secrets, John Crestani revealed several secrets on how to make a better living.

As contained in the book, these tips and secrets have helped me make the best use of my time while working from home. Some of these secrets are highlighted below.


One lucrative venture I have embraced upon reading John Crestani’s Work At Home Secrets is freelancing. When it comes to putting up a good piece for people to read, you can trust me to do a great job. Usually, I write for the fun of it.

However, upon discovering the Work at home Secrets by John Crestani, I decided to improve my skills by taking to freelance writing. I had my skills sharpened and developed to meet my clients’ demands. 

Freelance writing is of different types. You have technical writing, creative writing, and resume writing. You have to find the one that is convenient for you and work on it. 

John, in his book, also provides some websites where you can quickly get a start-up. On these sites, you can meet some potential clients who need your service.

Virtual Tutoring

From the corner of my home, I have also taken to virtual tutoring. This is another pretty way I have transformed my means of livelihood. As a result of the recent clampdown on school activities which has forced students to learn at home, the need for virtual tutors has soared greatly. Work At Home Secrets exposed me to earn more by just teaching a couple of students basic subjects.

Apart from this, I also prepare students to take exams such as the ACT, SAT, TOEFL, etc. The benefit of doing this is that you do not have to stress yourself journeying from one place to another. Your tutor in the comfort of your home. 

Virtual Assistant

Serving as a virtual assistant can also improve your life and livelihood greatly. You will have a little or no worry moving from one place to another, common with an in-person assistant. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to work for as many organizations as possible. This is because, rather than your presence, your services are what is required. 

These are some of the ways Work At Home Secrets have influenced my life positively and helped me achieve financial freedom