Combat Aging with Science Based Medicine

The body is made up of trillions of cells whose functions are to keep our body operating and working in proper healthy condition. Because of the importance of the health of these cells, research into science based medicine that improves cellular functions, communications, and connections has increased over the years. ASEA has focused on finding skincare solutions down to the cellular level by studying redox signaling molecules and their effects.

What are Redox Signaling Molecules?

Redox signaling molecules are essentially messengers between cells in the body. Without cellular communication, cells don’t function properly and can eventually break down which can affect multiple process within the body. Redox signaling molecules are so important because without them, cells cannot communicate to rejuvenate, repair, or replenish. Being able to sustain healthy communication of cells through redox signaling helps protect the cells and keep them operating properly.

There are two types of redox signaling molecules: reactive oxygen species which protects the immune system and reduced species which activates antioxidants. These two groups are balanced within each cell and when this balance is disturbed by damage, signals are sent via redox molecules communicating the need for defense and repair. When this process is communicated effectively, the body responds and is able to heal and repair itself.

Redox Signaling and Skin Care

Just as with any other damaged cell in the body, skin is constantly facing damage from the sun and even aging which then triggers redox molecules to communicate the need for repairs. As we age, our bodies are faced with more exposure, wear, and toxins that begin to break down the body’s ability to maintain a healthy balance of redox signaling molecules. When this happens, cells no longer function correctly and the skin can no longer keep up with protecting and repairing itself which is why signs of aging like discoloration and wrinkles begin to appear.

Having researched this connection between redox signaling and the signs of aging, ASEA has targeted redox signaling molecules in their research to create a science based medicinal line of skincare products to combat aging.

ASEA Research Supplementing Redox Signaling Molecule Supplies

The importance and significance of redox signaling molecules is not new to researchers, in fact, early last century it was on the radar of the scientific community, however, until a few years ago it wasn’t discovered how to help supplement these naturally occurring molecules. With the research, and testing conducted by ASEA, a breakthrough discovery has been made and redox signaling molecules can be engineered and stabilized outside the body. This means that redox signaling molecules can be recreated and contained within ASEA products which can supplement and support the sustainability of redox signaling molecule supplies within the body.

This research is backed by the company and by working with third-party dermatology scientific research facilities and professors, ASEA’s findings and ground-breaking results in skincare are validated.  

Combating the Signs of Aging with Redox Signaling Molecules

Although anti-aging creams, moisturizers, and products have been all over the market for many years, ASEA is breaking the mold with products founded from scientific based medicinal research. ASEA is utilizing science to recreate and supplement the redox signaling molecules within the skin that start deteriorating with age which has incredible anti-aging results.

ASEA is at the forefront of skincare health and treatment by addressing the symptoms of aging at a cellular level. There is no need to choose products that hide the signs of aging, fight it at the cellular level with scientifically validated products that contain safe, natural molecules that are native to your body’s cellular functions.