Benefits of installing Solar on your house

Scientists have bee warning the population that global warming is starting to become is very serious problem for the entire plant.

The effects include rising temperature levels which is bringing very serious implications to the planet including rising sea levels, more constant droughts and even natural species of animals to die of redapt to the heating climate.

This all sounds very negative and it’s easy to just want to switch off to the facts and pretend that it doesn’t exist and to just keep living with our heads in the sand but the problem with this is if we keep travelling down this path the world and most of the animals on it including humans are going to face possible instruction.

So what can we I do?

Firstly realizing that this is a serious problem and it’s not going to go away just be ignoring it is the first step. The second major steps is to start living more sustainably and taking immediate action.

Most people know that doing things such as recycling and minimising the amount of plastics we both buy and use on a day to day basis is a great start. But what are some of the major changes we can make to lessen our carbon footprint?
One of the biggest ways we can help the planet is use less energy. We spend most of the hours in the day in our homes and they are using energy twenty four hours seven days a week. Think about appliances that are running all day everyday like fridges and freezers or even smaller appliances that are constantly on charge like shavers or electric toothbrushes.

Why is Solar such a good option

Solar is sure way to lessen the amount of harmful pollutants that are pumped out into the atmosphere. Most energy companies burn either coal or natural gases to produce energy which has a great impact on the environment in a very negative way.

Solar power is derived from the sun straight to your power board. Solar uses less than one tenth of the C02 emissions that natural gas uses and produces less than one fiftieth of emissions than coal does. This is an absolutely huge metric and will undoubtedly have a great impact on the planet if most people, or even everyone switched to solar energy.

So what are the steps to getting solar installed on your roof. If you have tradesman skills such as roofing you could install the panels yourself, make sure you sure to be safe and use the right roofer equipment.  This will save you a considerable amount of money if you shop around and buy the panels yourself. If you are not comfortable with trade skills we recommend that you call professionals and have them deal with the job.

You don’t have to own the property to have solar installed on the house you live in. Adding solar actually ads value to your house so if you approach the landlord and tell them you would be interested in extending the lease for the house if you could both make an agreement to have solar installed they may well be open to suggestion. After All both parties, the tenant and the landlord, are benefiting from this.

If you also own a rental properties or several rental properties this is a great way to have a positive impact on the environment. Installing solar on these houses will give the tenants a lower energy bill and overall uses less carbon emissions on the environment.