6 Common Appliance Problems You Should Know About

Are you having appliance issues but you’re not sure if you should call a repair service? Some problems are more common than others and require a simple fix such as checking your cords or outlets. Filter or cleaning problems are also commonplace, so read on to find out what you can expect to handle on your own, and when you might need to call in extra help. 

Microwave Complications

Components inside a microwave (such as the turntables) can also break. You can try resetting the outlet on your own, but if this does not help, the unit might have blown a fuse. Disconnect the plug from the wall. Ensure the circuit breaker is off before attempting any work on the fuse or the microwave.

Washing Machine Issues

Sometimes, washing machines have issues turning on, draining, cleaning, or agitating the clothes. The owner’s manual can offer specific guidance on the reset process for your model.

If the water doesn’t fill inside, check to ensure nothing is obstructing the door or receiving hole. If the machine doesn’t drain, look at the pump. It’s possible that something is clogging it such as torn clothing or debris. Other times, problems getting clothes all the way clean can occur if the machine is overloaded. Try putting fewer items inside and be sure you’re not adding too much laundry soap.

Dryer Problems

Since dryers use a great deal of electricity, it’s essential to be cautious if you decide to attempt to diagnose or fix one. Turn the circuit breaker off before an attempt at any repairs. 

Dryers sometimes can’t heat enough as much as they should be able to and might not start. Be sure that the lint filter or vent tube is both clear and are not clogged. 

Refrigerator Complications

It can be frustrating to have a refrigerator that leaks water or is noisy but be aware that the issue might be more than that. “If the unit leaks underneath to the subflooring or kitchen floors, these both can get permanently damaged. The door seal that keeps the cold air inside is also an important part of your fridge that should be replaced if it gets broken,” remarked John Stahfest, owner of Top Shelf Appliance.

Dishwasher Difficulties

The typical household utilizes these units often, so it shouldn’t be a surprise if an issue takes place now and then. Ensuring that the dishwasher filter is kept clean can help to prevent water from seeping through the door. 

If the issue is just a leak, you might need to check to see that there isn’t anything in the way of the seal or that could be blocking the door from shutting. A clogged filter or dirty door gasket can also result in dishwasher troubles.

Air Conditioner Problems

Occasionally, an air conditioning unit can have a misaligned slope, especially if it’s the kind that gets placed in a window. These types of coolers can break down because they deal with high quantities of air they deal with and water that gets removed from the air. A simple fix can be to realign the machine so that the slope faces down outside.  

In summary, don’t hesitate to call in a repair service if the complication is more severe than a clogged filter or just some necessary cleaning. Some issues might seem minor, but if there are underlying problems, it could be more trouble than it’s worth without a trained professional.