Vapes, now the smokers’ choice

Since the banning of smoking in public places of July 2007, many turned to vaping as an alternative to regular smoking. The reason being, some small businesses, as well as independent bars, clubs and restaurants, still permitted smoking of electronic cigarettes within their premises. When vaping was first introduced, it seemed like a temporary solution. One that would in a short time come to an end. A very inaccurate assumption. Adults, both young and old, have recently turned to vaping instead of smoking traditional cigarettes.

Even though vaping grew in popularity to tremendous heights in a short space of time, many weren’t sure what e- cigarettes and vaping devices actually were, or how they worked. Just like regular smoking, vaping involves inhaling a nicotine rich, oil based compound. The compound is heated, unlike regular smoke which is fire lighted. 

Vaping was originally introduced as an alternative to smoking. However, studies in the U.S claim that tennagers and young adults are more likely to start vaping than smoke a traditional cigarette. One report claims that in 2018 more than 3.6 million middle and high school kids had vaped in the last thirty days.  

Vaping devices and electronic cigarettes are a portable, battery powered device. They are easy to carry and transport. They come in a variety of designs. You can find the yocan evolve plus for sale at, a very popular choice amongst vapers. Some vaping devices and electronic cigarettes are designed to look like a real cigarette, only with the functions of an electronic cigarette. The majority of vaping devices come with refillable tanks and rechargeable batteries. The tanks can be filled with liquids of different strengths and tastes to suit each individual’s needs. Some contain a higher concentration of nicotine for the more heavier smoker, some less. The flavours vary from different fruits, chocolates, mints and even odd flavours like bubble gum or even lavender. Obviously the electronic cigarettes have a completely different scent making them more appealing to those wanting to smoke indoors, especially home owners. The rechargeable and disposable devices, whether designed to look like a cigarette or a more appealing, easy to handle design, all work in the same basic way.  

Vaping has been around for just over 10 years now and it seems the industry is ever expanding as more people are choosing electric over fire. In recent years teenage smoking has dropped massively due to the new and improved option to vape. Vaping is not only an alternative to smoking, but a method many use to quit smoking for good. Many turn to vaping as a means to cut back on nicotine consumption, all the while saving themselves from excessive tar inhalation as well as other harmful carcinogens found in regular tobacco smoking. Around 70% of smokers claim they want to quit smoking. Smoking not only affects the lungs, but also damages the heart. It is predicted around one-third of heart disease related deaths are a result of smoking and even second hand smoke! 

It is believed there is a direct link between smoking and various cancers of the body, as well cardiovascular disease. Smokers who turn to e-cigarettes and vaping as a means to quit smoking altogether have a higher success rate than those who go ‘cold turkey’. The quicker a smoker quits, the quicker their body is able to repair itself back to full health. 

Financially speaking, vaping is definitely the wiser alternative to regular smoking. Not only is less harmful, as mentioned above, but it is also a lot cheaper than regular smoking. The rechargeable, refillable devices go a lot further than disposable e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes. Something to consider when making the transition to vaping devices!