The Worlds Highest Paid DJs

Most people think that being a DJ is not a particularly profitable venture. However, the fact that there is a lot of demand for entertainment in this day and age means that there are many people who are willing to pay top dollar for quality DJ entertainment. This means that as long as one invests in their skills and is dedicated, they are likely to end up earning as much as the CEOs and business moguls of this world. To get an idea of this, you only need to look at the profiles of some of the most successful DJs today. There are some who have made a lot of money in the industry, and are among some of the most well paid entertainers in the world. The best of them include:

Calvin Harris

In the entertainment world, Jay Z is usually used as the benchmark for wealth, being one of the richest artistes in the world. In 2013, Calvin Harris earned more than Jay Z (he made $42 Million in 2013), and even more than Katy Perry as well. This just goes to show how much popularity he has garnered in the DJing world over the past few years.

However, the fact that this is the most popular DJ in 2013 is not just a matter of luck. Calvin Harris is truly talented, and his achievements simply confirm this. For instance, he holds the record for having the highest number of UK top 10 hits from an album. He is also famous for writing songs for some of the big names in the entertainment industry including Rihanna.

DJ Tiesto

This Dutch DJ has had a long and illustrious career, and is considered to be one of the best DJs on the planet. In 2013, he made a total of $32 Million. He is the resident DJ in a Las Vegas club (Hakkasan) and is known to be one of the most hardworking DJs out there. He regularly plays over more than 100 shows a year, which averages one every three days. The fact that he has been doing it for over ten years just goes to show that he is indeed one of the best.

David Guetta

David Guetta has made around $30 Million in 2013, which makes him one of the most successful DJs this year. At 45, one would be forgiven to think that he is too old for the industry which is dominated by people in their mid and late 20s. However, he has managed to defy this, considering that this is one of his most successful years and there are no signs of him slowing down. David Guetta has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music including Usher, Pitbull and The Black Eyed Peas. Considering that he has had very humble beginnings, David Guetta is enough proof that hard work can get you anywhere.


This DJ is one of the most expensive in the world, demanding a fee of $200,000 a night. However, the fact that he always has booked shows and has a very large following just goes to show that he is worth it. In addition to DJing, he has also invested in other businesses in the industry including his own music label.


At 23, this is one of the youngest major DJs in the world. However, this has not stopped him from utilizing his potential as a DJ. In 2013 alone, he made a total of $20 Million as a DJ, which makes him one of the most well paid in the world. Unlike many professional DJs, however, Avicii did not go through formal training and instead taught himself how to do it using pirated software.

Armin van Burren

This is one of the world’s more recognizable DJs, and the fact that he has performed in over 120 shows all over the world in 2013 alone is proof of this. He specializes in Trance and electronic music, and has made over $17 Million in 2013.

All these DJs specialize in the EDM, and this is no coincidence. Electronic dance music is one of the most attractive types of music for DJing, and has attracted most of the talent in the field. The above DJs are currently the most wealthy DJs in the World and they have made this profession to attract many across the globe.