The methods demolition companies use to clear and prepare worksites

What Is Demolition?

The definition of demolition is the safe dismantling of existing building structures and the safe removal of the rubble in order to prepare the site for some other use. You can demolish a structure completely or dismantle parts of the whole.  Demolishing takes more than just taking a wrecking ball to a building. There are different types and methods that are used to demolition structures. 

  • Total Demolition

You would totally demolition a structure if you wanted to clear the land for some other purpose. For example, you could demolish an entire building that has not been of any use to make way for a new housing estate or a mall. 

  • Selective Demolition

You can tear down parts of a building to either extend the structure or add on another section.  This can add value to your building or completely transform it into some other thing with a different purpose. 

  • Interior Demolition

Sometimes you don’t want to tear down an entire building, just a section of the interior, e.g. a wall, partitions or ceiling. You can do this without damaging the exterior of the building. This means you have to be extra careful.

  • Explosive Demolition

Using explosives for demolition is very rare but it happens, especially for large buildings like skyscrapers. Explosives are strategically placed around the building’s structural supports. The aim is to get the building to collapse on itself. This is a specialised kind of demolition, it requires a person who is experience with explosions and controlled demolition.  

Whatever it is you are tearing down, clearing sites and preparing worksites you still need to know the right kind of equipment to use. All demolition jobs are different and they all need the right type of equipment to be executed successfully. It is important to have a firm plan and strategy to avoid mishaps on the jobsite.  Some of the equipment that demolition or construction companies use include hiring excavators, cranes, loaders and bulldozers. 

  1. Cranes

Cranes fitted with a wrecking ball are commonly used in demolition large concrete structures. The wrecking ball is suspended a certain height from the boom and the ball will make an impact with the wall when the rope pulls the ball towards the crane. Wrecking balls are not accurate which is why demolition companies prefer to use other equipment that offers them more control. 

  1. Excavators

Excavators are powerful and versatile enough to handle a range of demolition projects. They can pretty much dismantle anything from commercial buildings or high -rise blocks to wooden clapboard structure like sheds. These machines come in a variety of sizes, mini excavator hire machinery is particularly useful for small scale demolition projects in areas where one has to mind other structures around. They also come with a range of attachments that make it possible for one machine to cope with different tasks.  

  1. Loaders 

There are two kinds of loaders: wheel loaders and crawl loaders and wheel Loaders. Both these machines enable you to handle demolition debris by scooping it up and transferring it to a dump truck or feeding it to a crusher plan. They can go from tearing down to clearing the construction site. There are wheel loaders that move fast and efficiently for different terrain. 

  1. Bulldozers

Bulldozers were made for tearing things down. They are built to be strong and fitted with powerful engines that help them handle the heaviest demolition jobs. They run on tracks that allow them to get a firm grip on surfaces in all conditions. 

Why are demolitions important? 

In order to have a solid foundation for your next project, on your old site, you need your building demolition to be done correctly. You should be safe and be careful that everything else that is not to be touched or accidentally scratched or banged doesn’t get scratched or banged up. This means you need the right equipment and an experienced operator to handle your demolition and site clearance. Educate yourself about the city’s demolition and building regulations as well as the regulations around the health and safety you have to abide by.  Most importantly know exactly what you are doing before taking on a demolition project.