Top 10 places to Visit

Some of The Top 10 places to Visit

Anyone who enjoys traveling will always strive to visit exotic places and take beautiful pictures of such sites. Everyone though, defines beauty and exotic differently. But the truth is, there are numerous places that stand out, even though it takes time, research, money and lots of energy to be an avid traveler and visit most of these sites.

Because not everyone can travel the world in search of beautiful sceneries and exotic sites, here is a list of the top 10 places to visit. It is worth noting that the list is not exhaustive nor are the places listed in order of preference. The top places include the following breathtaking and utterly beautiful towns, sites and beaches.

The Taj Mahal in India


Even though it is a holy Muslim mausoleum, it is a spectacular building worth admiring and recording your visit with a photo. It is indeed one of the most magnificent religious buildings in the world; having been constructed way back in 1653. The entire construction took over thirty years to complete; the finished product is a real architectural masterpiece.

Because of religious reasons, it is recommended that you wear appropriate attire when visiting the Taj Mahal. The sunset behind the Taj has been well documented over the years and one should make a point of being around the Taj as the sun goes down.

The Grand Canyon in Colorado USA


This gorge in Arizona stretches for over 277 miles, with its widest point measuring an astonishing 18 miles. The picturesque scene of the great Colorado River flowing through the center of the gorge is bound to be priceless.

The strides up the sky walk; which was specifically built to ease the task of going up the Grand Canyon is a marvelous and heart stopping experience. Many people who have ever visited this place tend to go back time and time again. It is a beautiful place for anyone to visit during vacation or holiday.

The Teotihuacan in Mexico

It is one of the biggest archaeological sites in the world. It has large pyramids, buildings, other sites and a wide array of beautifully painted murals that are well preserved. It was used by various tribes over centuries gone by.

Many people who have visited this place usually leave feeling that they have just visited one of the Seven Wonders of the World. In fact for many years the site has been viewed by lots of people as a contender to replace one of the current wonders of the world.


Sognefjord in Norway

This is the largest fjord in Norway and the second largest in the world; it offers an expansive and stunning view to all and sundry. Its highest peak stands at 2000m above sea level whereas the lowest depths are around 1,300m below sea level.

The beauty of this place is the freshness and naturalness that it oozes; it makes you feel really close and attached to nature and all that it has to offer.

Sognefjord in Norway

Santorini in Greece

The white washed stone houses with those bright and electric blue roofs lining the cliff edges and the beautiful beaches offer a spectacular spot for any kind of photography. Once you get back home with those lovely pictures; everyone is bound to ask you where and when you took the photos.

To say the truth, these beautiful houses dot many places in Greece, but nowhere does offer better scenery than Santorini. This is because most of the beaches here have their cliff edges packed with these houses; leaving you aghast as to how those houses have survived over the centuries.

Santorini Greece

The Great Pyramid of Giza and Sphinx in Egypt

If you ever visit Egypt, make a point of visiting the great pyramid of Giza one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. It is the oldest and largest of the pyramids, having been built 2500 years ago and standing at 455.22 feet.

Next to it you will see the 241 feet Sphinx statue; together they offer a very memorable background for photos. The feeling you get touching the structures or listening to the history behind these beautiful structures is life changing and incomparable.


The Ayers Rock in Australia

It is also known as the Uluru, it is a sandstone rock that measures around 1145 feet. It has very unusual rock formations and is also a sacred site for the Aborigines. It is one of the most beautiful sites in Australia. The place is so huge; its circumference is almost 6 miles, giving you a very enchanting view and lovely memories to boot.

Ayers Rock Australia

The Yosemite Valley in California USA

This is a valley in the expansive Yosemite National Park in California which covers an astonishing 3.1 million square kilometers ; it has the Merced River snaking around it, offering very breathtaking scenery of a stretch of water being towered by some very glorious mountains and is naturally considered as the pinnacle of all the beautiful attractions that dot the park.

The Clouds Rest and Half Dome are some of the most famous peaks which attract the highest number of visitors; they are quite popular with people of all ages. If you are staying at a hotel near Santa Cruz beach, you are only a short drive away from this amazing park.


The Canals of Venice, Italy

The canals that encircle the city are usually used for commuting; in the process they offer very romantic backgrounds that are virtually incomparable with anything else in modern cities. Venice has a very rich history which many friendly locals are ready and willing to share with interested visitors. The city also has some architectural wonders such as the Piazza San Marco and Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo which on their own merit are a tourist attraction.

canals of venice

Victoria Falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe border

The view as the Zambezi River pours its contents majestically from points as high as 360 feet up, is quite humbling to say the least. It is a sight to behold. These waterfalls are amongst the most dominant and prominent ones in the entire universe. If you have an interest in photography, the background scene offered by the scenery can offer a good postcard picture.


The world is full of beautiful places worth visiting; the above mentioned top 10 places to visit are just but a small representation of what the world has to offer. Always make your safety a priority by avoiding unnecessary risks. It is important for anyone planning to travel to make appropriate bookings quite early so as to avoid any disappointment. While travelling, it is also prudent to ensure that all the legal paperwork required by your host country such as Visas, Vaccinations and foreign currency regulations are in order.