Why Courses By The Site Helpers Are 100% Worth It

Building a website has never been easier. There are so many places online such as SquareSpace or Shopify where you can just hop on, plug in a few words, and have a website. However, building a site this way gives you very little control and will keep you in their pockets forever.

On the other hand, The Site Helpers have put together a set of in-depth and intuitive courses that will give you all the tools you need to build, maintain, and upgrade your own website. We talked to one of their clients, to find out just how much these classes cover, and if they’re worth the time and monetary investment. 

Did you ever try creating a website without the services of The Site Helpers? 

Yeah, actually I used a SquareSpace website for a while. It was easy enough to set up and everything but I quickly realized it wouldn’t allow me to do everything I wanted, plus the fees would pile up every month.

So after looking around for a while trying to find one thing that fit all of my needs, it clicked. If I learned this stuff myself, not only could I build a website that fit all of my needs, but if my needs ever changed, it’d be no problem to upgrade it myself as well. 

The Site Helpers Review

How much exactly did they teach you? Are there any missing pieces in your knowledge? 

Everything and I mean everything. They go through designing the site, coding the site, PHP, advanced PHP, and even hosting. I don’t think I saw a course this complete anywhere else online, and it ended up teaching me more than I even thought it would.

They even talked about the best ways to outsource and hire designers. That’s information I’m going to keep in my back pocket for when my website grows, and not something I even saw mentioned by other courses. 


How do The Site Helpers prices compare to that of similar classes?

For classes on par with their quality? I don’t think there’s anything that touches it.

I think the only place you’ll get classes like that would be at a university and I don’t think I even need to say how expensive that would be. A lot of cheap online courses are made by fresh graduates with no job experience. This course was made by industry pros and it shows in the quality. 

Why didn’t you just outsource or hire a web developer? 

Like I said, I wanted to be able to upgrade my website myself. If my needs change, I won’t have to rely on anyone else to read the code and I won’t have to pay them to change it.

I can do it myself exactly how I want it. I don’t like relying on other people to make my business work, plain and simple. 

Has your website proven to be a worthwhile investment so far? 

One thousand percent. I have analytics on every page and can see that many more customers have been visiting and engaging with them.

So short term, yes it’s been very worth it. Long term though? I think the things I’ve learned have been absolutely priceless. There’s no dollar amount you can put on those skills. These weren’t courses made for people wanting to be quick and dirty freelancers.

They’re for people that want professional knowledge and real skills. I’m confident in the future of my website and my business and I owe a big part of that to The Site Helpers courses. 

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