BarxBuddy Shares Five Tips For Training Your Dog At Home

BarxBuddy has become one of the biggest innovators in the field of pet’s toys and products. And the Original BarxBuddy Dog Training Device and BarxBuddy Training Treats are easily their best products.

Tens of thousands of people have chosen them as their primary pet care and training brand. And today, they have been kind enough to share five tips that can help you train your dog at home.

1.    Defining Personal Space

One of the first mistakes that people make when training their dogs is not setting space aside for their pupper. Space is important for dogs, much like it is to humans, as it helps them relax. Try to make a small den for them in a separate room or a crate which they can fit in.

Your little companions can take advantage of this den to blow off steam or just have time to themselves. You can even use this den to housetrain your dog, or the little one can use it when they feel overwhelmed.

BarxBuddy Treats

2.    Always Reward Them for Good Behavior

When training your companion, it is essential to reward them for their good behavior.  Toys, love and praise, are all good ways to positively reinforce good habits in your dog.

You can also use treats such as the BarxBuddy Training Treats to reward them. These treats are not only healthy, but they also come in a wealth of flavors. Their most famous flavor is peanut butter, which tastes just as good without having any fatal chemicals in it.

Furthermore, try not to reward bad behavior, even by accident. Rewarding bad behavior is possibly the fastest way to confuse your pupper and have them act out.

3.    Avoid praising bad behavior like jumping up to greet

It is very common to see your puppers race towards you with excitement and jump up to greet you. Even though this is a sign of love and affection, it can be a cause for injury given their size. Jumping up to greet could even scare your visitors.

So when they do jump to greet you, you should turn your back to them and try not to encourage this behavior. When they finally calm down, reward them for this polite greeting with love, praise, and even treats. You will eventually help them tone down their behavior.

4.    Be Reactive Towards Bad Habits

When dogs make a mistake or do something that you don’t want them to, you should immediately call them out. Dogs tend to have a short memory span and go off instinct.

Therefore, they will usually forget whatever you teach them later. Instead, you need to teach them as soon as you see them do something bad.

One of the best ways to get their attention instantly is through The Original BarxBuddy Dog Training Device. It generates sound at a frequency that humans cannot hear and that dogs find annoying. You can grab their attention and then start training them to be better.

5.    Help them feel relaxed

An essential part about training your dog is helping them feel relaxed when training. If your dog doesn’t feel at ease at home, they will try to either be defensive or even try to run away.

A ticking clock near, and a hot-pack in, their sleeping area will imitate the feeling of sleeping with litter mates.


Helping your dog adjust to your home doesn’t have to be difficult. If you follow these tips and try to react as quickly as possible to their bad habits, you shouldn’t have any problems with raising them.