The Garden of Words

We are treated with another breathe taking anime movie, and is once again directed by the award winning director, Makoto Shinkai. Makoto Shinkai is known for his past film works like the critically acclaimed 5cm Per Second. He also had other films in the past that won various awards. These anime films are Children who chase lost voices, Voices of a Distant Star and The Place Promised in our Early Days. Now he has a new anime film entitled “Garden of Words”. This 45 minute film talks about a teenage boy who loves the rain and skips his first class each time it rains.

He also loves to make shoes, specifically shoes for women. He goes to a Japanese Garden and sits at a gazebo. He also meets a girl and she also goes to the Japanese Garden every time it rains. They share the same gazebo. Then they start to know each other and evidently they fall in love. That’s it for the plot, if you want to know more, then watch the movie. When you watch the film you’ll notice that the level of detail is very high and the lighting is superbly amazing. Makoto Shinkai never fails when it comes to the visual prowess in his films.

The garden is very well presented, the colors of the leaves,pond and the trees are amazing. The green colors are prominent and indeed, pleasing to the eyes. The rain effects are amazing and it’s not only the garden that looks stunning, even the urban areas are well detailed. Truly, everything is eye candy. Makoto Shinkai has his own style and it’s absolutely well crafted. You will see quality here. The story may be simple at first but as you watch the film you’ll be sucked into it’s narrative. The love story of this film is absolutely amazing and heart ┬átouching. It talks about a love that binds two people despite their age difference and prejudice. The touching story will make you realize the values of life and you’ll certainly learn a thing or two by the end of the film.

Presentation and quality are really one of Makoto Shinkai’s strengths. If you’re into a great anime film then you need to watch this work of art. If you love anime then you don’t have any reason not to watch this. The film is touching, engaging, moving and inspiring. There are a lot of people who may also be able to relate to the film in a way. Better check this movie out and have some quality time with yourself or with the one you love.