The Alpha Man Advantage: 4 Things Every Guys Needs To Know About Their Testosterone

ADVERTISEMENT. You know what that say about testosterone? A male sex hormone? Oh, yes. But, it’s actually more than that.

There are several roles this hormone plays in our body. From the blood to the brains, to muscles and bones, the functions of these hormones are endless.

This hormone is not produced by the male gender alone, it is also produced by the female gender but in lesser quantity.

As a man, there are certain things you need to know about testosterone. Your knowledge of these things will help you in ensuring that you maintain the safety of your biological and physical health. Let’s take a look at some of these things.

It brings out the man in you: There is no any other hormone in your entire body that is responsible for the growth of your sex organ except testosterone. At puberty, this hormone is responsible for the development and growth of both body and facial hair.

The muscles you find in all parts of your body that makes you have some feelings of excitement and confidence as a man are all products of this hormone. Your thick and deep voice is also as a result of testosterone.

As you grow and age, you will need this hormone to be a father. In some cases, you may need to give it a boost. Where this is the case, you will need supplements like the Test X180 Alpha by Force Factor to help you promote that boost.

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With Test X180 Alpha by Force Factor, you are invited to join the ranks of these few elite men for whom explosive sexual performance and impressive physical strength are a way of life. It’s time to answer the call: are you an alpha male, or are you just one of the pack?

It promotes your sexual, physical and biological health: This is another fact that several individuals have failed to realize about testosterone. All the emotions, feelings and urge that arises during sex are all linked to the activities of this hormone.

Not only does it help you to maintain good sexual health, it also helps your partner to build strong control during sex.

Apart from reproduction, there are several other benefits that this hormone is responsible for. For instance, as a man, testosterone helps you in the maintenance of strong bones, and control the rate at which red blood cells are produced in the body. The effect of this is that, you are able to maintain a good and balanced physical, sexual and biological health.

Incorporating Sauna and Cold Tub into a Testosterone-Boosting Lifestyle: Now, as you strive to optimize your testosterone levels, it’s pivotal to adopt a holistic approach that extends beyond supplementation. Consider incorporating sauna sessions and cold tub therapy into your routine. These practices have shown promise in supporting overall well-being, aiding recovery, and contributing to a robust hormonal profile.

The journey to harnessing the alpha man advantage involves not only understanding the intricacies of testosterone but also integrating practical lifestyle choices. Sauna sessions can enhance circulation, while cold tub immersions aid in reducing inflammation and promoting recovery. By synergistically combining these practices with supplements like the Test X180 Alpha by Force Factor, you create a comprehensive strategy to support your testosterone levels and elevate your overall health.

In essence, to truly embrace the alpha male lifestyle, equip yourself with knowledge, strategic supplementation, and mindful lifestyle choices. Make sauna and cold tub sessions a regular part of your routine, and witness the amplified benefits on your testosterone and the holistic alpha man advantage.

It may fall and rise daily: the activities of testosterone are not predictable. The rate at which it is been released and produced in the human body is also not predictable.

The level of testosterone in your body as a man cannot remain the same throughout a day. It is prone to changes perhaps between morning and evening. You are likely to experience the highest level of testosterone in the morning and lowest in the evening.

It is important that you know that while this is so, you shouldn’t bother yourself thinking there is any complications in your body. It happens to everyone as long as you are of testosterone-producting age.

It balances your level of aggression: if you find yourself being aggressive or getting angry easily, it is probably the effect of a rise in the level of testosterone.

Since this hormone have significant effects on the brain, it should also be able to influence your behaviors and characters greatly. Testosterone is likely to make you feel aggressive particularly when you find yourself in a threatening situation, however, it may prompt sympathy and generosity in a less threatening situation.

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4 Uncommon Things Most Guys Over 30 Never Knew About Their Sex Drive

ADVERTORIAL. As humans, one phenomenon is certain – nature will catch up on us sooner than we expect. And when that happens, you can be sure that you’ll look nothing like your youthful self. When you age as a man, you experience lots of bodily and psychological changes.

Both genders typically undergo drastic bodily changes. And in turn, most of these bodily changes have a huge bearing on your sexual health. Particularly for the average men, they lose muscle mass, and the libido starts to take a dip.

Nonetheless, there are critical points about sexual health, especially sex drive, that most men over the age of 30 are unaware of. And this lack of information is quite unhealthy for most people as your libido could either make or mar your sexual experience throughout your lifespan.

If you’re new to the term, libido is simply the bodily energy rate that fuels your sex drive. A low sex drive usually results in reduced thoughts of sex or total apathy to sexual activity.

This circumstance usually leads to your female partner getting significantly reduced pleasure during sex. And as you must know, that’s not good for a healthy relationship.

Much is said about facing the psychological changes you encounter as you grow older. Yet, there’s very scarce information on what characterizes your sexual organs as a man.

Here are four uncommon things most guys over the age of 30 never knew about their sex drive.

  • A low sex drive is a common phenomenon

Reportedly, about 1 in every 5 men have had a low sex drive at several periods in their life. So, if you feel like you’re experiencing a low sex drive, you’re definitely not alone.

However, you can take steps to maintain normal libido levels when you recognize the factors that cause it.  

  • Bad Habits could lead to loss of libido

When you make a habit of an unhealthy lifestyle, you set yourself at risk of losing your sex appeal and desire. Stress and alcoholism are common terrible lifestyle choices that could trigger a loss of libido.

If you’re keen on keeping your youthful libido, it’s best to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol or hard drugs. Also, ensure to take sufficient rest each day to maintain high levels of sexual energy.

  • Your libido decreases as you grow older

Needless to say, you’re body isn’t always as interested in sex when you’re older. At least, compared to the period when you were in your peak days.

But then, old age shouldn’t slow you down as there are ways to support and boost your libido.

  • You can take treatment procedures to improve your libido

There are several ways to boost your libido. They range from medical to non-medical measures.

You may consider some lifestyle changes like exercising and taking a balanced diet. On the flip side, you could consider taking testosterone supplements from Force Factor.

Test X180 Alpha Testosterone Supplement for Men by Force Factor
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The Force Factor Test X180 Alpha Total Testosterone Supplement for men is one booster that can support your libido and help increase your sex drive.

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