Want To Watch the World Cup 2014?

The FIFA World Cup 2014 is expected to be one of the best football tournaments of all time and will kick off on June 12 and end on July 13, 2014. Everyone seems to be excited and quite nervous as Brazil hosts one of the best sporting events on the planet. Every team knows that the spotlight will be on them and wants to show the world that their country can go all the way in the tournament. We already know that the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil will be hosted in 12 cities rather than the customary ten. Football is a huge part of the Brazilian culture so all cities wanted to host the event. This is the second time Brazil is hosting the 32-team competition, and has won the trophy a record five times.

As football fans around the world start to turn their attention to the tournament, you can expect the ticketing issue to assume more significance. So if you are planning a trip to Brazil next summer, it is important to know how to get tickets for 2014 World Cup.


With the many attractions in Brazil, the demand for the 2014 World Cup tickets is high. Football’s world governing body, FIFA recently announced that 3,334,524 match tickets are up for grabs. Every avid fan wants to be part of the biggest fiesta in the world of football. Those who will be unlucky to get match tickets will also want to travel to Brazil just to enjoy the fantastic atmosphere and support their favorite teams.

Type of Tickets

Football fans are allowed to purchase three types of tickets: individual match tickets, team-specific tickets and venue-specific tickets.

As the name suggests, individual match tickets will be available to people who want to watch certain matches only. The prices of these tickers vary based on the category one prefers.

The team-specific tickets allow fans to follow their favorite teams. So you can decide to buy tickets for the games your team will play. With this option, fans are allowed to purchase between three and seven tickets based on how far one expects their team to go in the tournament. This caters for the initial group matches and the knockout stages. In case your favorite team does not make it to the number of matches you purchase tickets for, you will be given tickets to cheer on either the group winner or the one that defeats yours in the Round of 16.

The venue-specific tickets are ideal for individuals who want to watch all the matches in a single stadium. So if you are planning to buy tickets for the matches in, for instance, Rio de Janeiro, this category suits you.


The 2014 World Cup tickets are put into four categories, in terms of pricing. The ticket prices for each match will vary based on where you would like to be seated in the stadium. Also, each stadium will host different kinds of matches so the prices will vary from one city to another.

Category 1 is made up of the most expensive tickets and their prices range from $175 for each group match, to $990 for the World Cup Final at the Estadio do Maracana in Rio de Janeiro.

Category 2 match tickets are a little cheaper as the seats are usually situated at the furthest ends of the stadium.
International fans who want to buy category 3 tickets will have to part with USD90 for the group stage matches.

Brazilians have access to almost 400, 000 low-cost tickets out of the available total of roughly 3 million. In addition, Brazilian students and social societies will have access to $15 tickets

Remaining Tickets

To buy the various tickets, FIFA has created different sales windows. The dates for the remaining sales rounds are as follows:

• 8th Dec 2013 – 30th Jan 2014- The Second Phase Lottery• 26th Feb 2014 – 1st Apr 2014 – The Second Phase on First-Come-First-Served basis• 15th Apr 2014 – 13th Jul 2014 – Last Minute on First-Come-First-Served basis

Where to Buy

The best ways to buy your tickets is to apply at FIFA.com. The process is quite easy, although you need to wait for any of the applicable sales rounds listed above to make your purchase. Alternatively, you can download an application form on the official FIFA website and send it by post.

It is advisable to book your 2014 FIFA World Cup tickets beforehand during the listed sales windows to avoid missing out. Nonetheless, early bookings are currently underway and you can save money by buying now.
Good luck!