How to Size Up a Startup

how startups can really take off

Start ups are starting up all over the place since the pandemic of 2020 which led to the “Big Quit”(or Great Resignation). Yes, the big quit is the name that has been given to the large number of employees who resigned from their jobs. Many of whom left their jobs to start their own business. For the many people who quit their jobs to start their own business was something that they had dreamed of doing for a long time but was hesitant until the pandemic showed them that it was now or never in a sense. So, a voluminous number of people got the to take the leap. And, that leap is only the first step to the very next move which is how to get that startup to really take off. Per Alexander Djerassi startups can really take off with the simple tips that are discussed below.

First, research, research and more research is one of the biggest tips to help get one’s start up to really take off. This is the key to ensuring that the startup gets off on the right food and will live and not die. Early research to include checking out the competition is very important to get an idea how to make one’s entry and approach into the waters of a startup.

Second, find and define the potential customer and client base. One needs to get to know their targeted audience and even talk with them about the start up as one can get a sense of what is needed and find that golden spot in the marketplace. So, check those demographics and learn from them and about them. This data is another key to getting that start up to really take off.

Third, protect that intellectual property with patents, copyrights, trademarks along with any and all other legal documents and actions needed. This is of the utmost importance as a competitor can step in and copy another’s idea with no legal ramifications for the victim.

Fourth, get help from talented people. It has been stated by many entrepreneurs that getting started would not have been possible without the help of many who chipped in, be it for designing the web site, for helping with the logo or for whatever the need, hiring help is a must.

Fifth, be strong in the area of finance. The finances must be figured out. It takes money to run a business. One will have financial responsibilities and legal obligations which makes finances another important key.
The last tip for how startups can really take off according to Alexander Djerassi is to simply survive the launch. One will want to turn heads and get interest generated in the next best thing. Therefore, leave no stone uncovered when it comes to the startup and its big launching day. By launch day the foot work should have been done and all of the research, research, and more research should be paid in full come this day. So, breathe those this day and look for the many days to come as the startup takes off.