Grants Assist Simplifies the Application Process

Securing grant funding for your organisation can be a great opportunity to help grow your business, hire new employees, or carry out new initiatives. Whether you are part of an established business, a startup, or a nonprofit, most organisations have grants and other funding options that they are eligible for.

However, despite the many grants that are available, finding the right ones – let alone applying for them – can prove to be its own challenge. Identifying the funding options that are available to your particular organisation can prove to be time-consuming and difficult, and many businesses and nonprofits aren’t even aware of the funding options that are available to them. Even if you do find a relevant grant to your organisation, the application process can be daunting and difficult to navigate.

This is where Grants Assist comes in. Grants Assist is a company that offers grants-assistance services to businesses and nonprofits. The company was founded in 2018 to simplify the process of finding and applying to grants to help more businesses and nonprofits make use of the wide array of funding options available in Australia. Grants Assist not only helps organisations find grants that they are eligible for, but has a team of consultants that can help with the application process as well.

How Grants Assist Works

Grants Assist offers a database of hundreds of grants, funding options, and other opportunities for organisations in Australia. The database, hosted on the company’s website, is designed to help you find options relevant to your organisation quickly, and can be searched by region, industry, focus area, funding type, and other characteristics. Some of the featured sectors on the website are Agriculture, Construction & Trades, Early Childcare & Education, Transportation, Healthcare, Innovation/R&D, Mentoring, Renewable Energy, Retail, Tourism, and Wineries – and these are only a few of the categories you can search through on the site.

Grants Assist also offers consultancy and assistance in completing grant applications. The company employs a team of experts with the experience to help you find and apply to the most relevant grants to your organisation, as well as the expertise to ensure that you are able to navigate the application process and submit a strong application for your desired grant.  The company’s consultants have experience in a range of industries and focus areas, and provide a personal approach when helping you navigate the grant application process.

Kinds of Grants

In addition to the industry-specific grants, there are three primary grant categories based on the type of organisation that you are a part of.

  • Business: grants for businesses are generally awarded to help businesses create jobs, fund research, or to fund other types of development. These grants are often awarded on the state-level (though occasionally Federal grants may be available) and are dependent on industry, business size, and purpose of the funding.
  • Startup: grants for startups or emerging businesses are aimed to give newer businesses the resources to establish themselves successfully. Depending on the startup industry – be it technology, consulting, etc. – your startup may be eligible for specific types of funding.
  • Nonprofit: grants for nonprofits – or organisations in the “community sector” – are aimed to keep these organisations operating, as well as providing these organisations an opportunity to expand their capacity for supporting new roles, volunteers, and new initiatives.

Customer Response

The company’s customer-centric approach and excellent customer service are designed to make the grant-selection and application process as straightforward and stress-free as possible. Customers have often cited their interaction with the Grants Assist team as a huge draw of the company, and have complimented the knowledgeable and responsive team.

In addition to this positive feedback, Grants Assist has seen several success stories during just over two years of operation. Some of the grant applicants that have been successful are:

  • A $12,500 startup grant for upgrading a company’s website for mobile users plus business management consulting & mentoring for the owner.
  • A $30,000 business expansion grant for a pet-grooming company to create an all-natural hypoallergenic grain-free dog food product.
  • A $350,000 business expansion grant to create 80+ jobs within the company’s brewery facility & bar.
  • A $10,000 business expansion grant to upgrade all lighting within a hotel with automatic lighting.
  • A $100,000 startup grant to aid in creating and developing a system that helps users find Carers in their local area.

These are just a few examples of the kinds of grants that Grants Assist can help organisations find and apply for, and assist in their applications.

Final Thoughts

Grants Assist is a great resource for businesses and nonprofits looking for funding opportunities. The company’s database of grants, funding sources, and funding opportunities is designed to make it easy for organisations to find and apply to the right grants for their organisation – and the company’s team of consultants can help guide you through the application process. Grants Assist is also dedicated to customer service, and has made it a priority not only to help organisations find the funding they need, but enjoy and learn from the process.

No matter what your organisation is looking for – whether it’s a grant to expand an aspect of your business, start a new business, grow your employee base, or keep the doors of your nonprofit open, Grants Assist can help you. Visit Grants Assist’s website here to get a consultation, and see which grants are best suited for your organisation’s needs.