How I Overcome Challenges

Everyone faces challenges at one point in their lives. Challenges can help make a person stronger and they can learn a lot about their personality. Father Rutler has faced some challenges in his life. They did not stop him but gave him the motivation to succeed. Rutler has some advice for those that have some challenges to overcome and tips on how they can stay strong.

Develop a Plan

When faced with a tough situation it is important to have a plan to overcome it. Planning for the future can help a person see what they need to do to get where they want to be. They will look at all of the possible outcomes. This will also help a person decide what to do if the first option does not work out. Instead of giving up they can see what happened and keep on going to the plan.


Everyone has good and bad feelings. People are happy and at other times they can be depressed. If a person is losing hope and they ignore this feeling it does not mean it is going to go away. A person needs to acknowledge how they are feeling. They may want to get help from others. Some people feel better if they write down what they are feeling. Bringing the feelings to life will make them real and a person will know that it is okay to feel this way. They will be able to work out a way to give them hope and they will be able to move on with the situation they are facing.

Help Others

Most people think that if they do good to others, good things will come to them. If they do good with others they can feel they are worth something in life and they can have something positive to think about. A person should not only help others because they want something in return. If a person has faced a challenge they know how difficult it is. Helping others through the rough time can provide support and they can share success stories.

Be Positive

When a person is struggling this is easier said than done. If a person thinks about positive things and the good things in their life they will be able to train their mind. They will increase mental awareness. This way when they are facing a challenge they will be able to look at the good things. A person will also be able to calm down and be mindful. This will allow them to sit back and look at the challenging situation and think of ways to make it better.

These are some things Father Rutler suggests that a person can keep in mind when they are facing a challenge. They need to take control of the situation and remember that they are strong and they will get through it. This will allow a person to take control of this challenge and regain happiness in life.