Mint Global Marketing Shares: Influencer Marketing Basics In 2022

Influencer marketing is one of the newest phenomena in digital marketing. So many businesses have adopted the strategy and for good reason. Influencer marketing works.

It is cost-effective and has a proven track record of increasing sales. Influencer marketing is still in its infancy as a marketing strategy, so professionals are still learning how to fully utilize the technique to its full potential.

We talked to Mint Global Marketing about influencer marketing in order to learn the basics of the strategy and how businesses can implement it in their marketing plan. Mint Global Marketing is a digital marketing agency that has a proven track record of legitimizing businesses through strong digital advertising campaigns.

Mint Global doesn’t just favor influencer marketing, they are front-runners when it comes to the strategy. They have it down to a science, which is why they are the perfect pros to answer our questions. 

What is influencer marketing exactly? Can it be compared to say celebrity endorsements? 

It’s funny you say that because influencer marketing and celebrity endorsements are actually extremely similar. Influencers are very popular with today’s youth, so much so that they are practically mini-celebrities.

The advantage of an influencer over a celebrity is that they are much cheaper to work with, and way more accessible for the average business. 

So why should businesses use influencer marketing as opposed to other digital marketing techniques? 

Influencer marketing offers the best bang for your buck. Influencers reach your target audience and that audience trusts them.

So if the influencer says “Hey this product is awesome”, then you have a large sum of people that will trust their opinion and try it out. On top of the audience that they can reach, a lot of influencers are willing to work partly on commission, and if they are not, then they likely have a proven track record of sales.

So it is cheaper and there is a lot less risk involved compared to other techniques, specially if done right. If you want to work with us at Mint Global Marketing, expect to work with industry pros which will give you a better chance for more reach and sales.

How do you find influencers to work with? How professional are they? 

Influencers are people, so their professionality varies. Some are very professional and some are not.

Most of the time the influencers that have worked with brands before are more professional and easier to work with. However, we do like giving smaller influencers a chance.

To find them, you have to have your ear to the ground and understand who your target audience is and who they might follow. Stay in tune with the community and keep up to date about who the big players are. 

You’ll definitely get the most suitable influencers for your brand should you decide to work and advertise with Mint Global Marketing.

Do you have any general tips for working with influencers and maximizing ROI with influencer marketing?

Just be particular about who you work with. Build a working relationship with a few influencers that you truly enjoy having as part of your brand.

This will cut down the risk that comes with finding a new influencer and will build your trust with that influencer’s community even more. 

How long do you think influencer marketing will be profitable? Is it a fad or the new norm?

Influencer marketing isn’t a fad. It’s the future.

Influencers are only going to become more prominent in society. Thanks to the internet, our kids are growing up watching these people on social media and Youtube.

They’re the celebrities of the modern world and that’s not going to change unless internet culture has a drastic transformation, and that is not likely to happen anytime soon.