Kingdom Hearts 3

After many years of silence, they finally revealed a trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 at the E3 2013 press conference. This was a huge surprise after Tetsuya Nomura presented the Final Fantasy XV trailer, he immediately showed the Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer. Fans around the world were shocked and tears of joy started flowing through their cheeks. There are many videos out their seeing the loyal fans react when the trailer was presented. This was the game that they were waiting for all these years. Now, it’s finally in the works and it’s for the next generation of consoles. This game will be huge and it’s going to be more interesting and fun, as expected from Tetsuya Nomura. He will once again direct this game and he’ll work with the same Kingdom Hearts team. This is totally exciting, even I’m hyped for this. It has been 7 years since Kingdom Hearts 2, so you’ll understand why the fans reacted that way. Well, there were some spin offs, but it’s always refreshing to know what lies ahead by playing the sequel of the game. Tetsuya Nomura is a perfectionist and he is very particular with quality.

The Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer showed Sora on a beach, while he discovers his keyblade from the sandy shores of the island. After which, he was seen battling some heartless creatures. Even though it was brief, we were able to see the improvements with the graphics. It’s still in early development but it does look like next gen quality graphics. The game will be available for both systems, the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. Everybody must be ready and excited, this is Tetsuya Nomura’s game, after all. I’m pretty glad that it was announced since this game has been silent for so long. Fans of the series will surely buy this game one day one. Games with Disney and Final Fantasy characters are always fun. Playing games like the Kingdom Hearts series is worth it. If you love Disney characters and Final Fantasy then this game is definitely for you. Play this game on the PS4, it’s much better. Things always change, but Kingdom Hearts will surely have a place in one’s heart.


Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer (HD)