Kingdom Hearts 3 new Gameplay Footage

Kingdom Hearts 3 was finally announced last E3 2013. Finally fans rejoice as the game was officially in development. During E3 we saw a very short clip of Kingdom Hearts 3. Today, a new gameplay footage for Kingdom Hearts 3 was shown at D23 Expo Japan. It showed sora battling heartless and some other enemies. You’ll really love this brief but fun video. Sora is ever cool and those baddies are no match for him. You’ll also see his usual allies, Donald and Goofy.

We see Sora battle against a huge Titan, this is absolutely stunning and finally we’re able to see a glimpse on how Sora looks like with next gen graphics. Kingdom Hearts has always been one of the best franchises. Thanks to Tetsuya Nomura and his team for making a game like this. There are millions of fans all over the world. For sure, Kingdom Hearts 3 will become one of the most high selling video games of all time. Fans waited 7 long years just to play the game. I’m glad that the loyalty of the fans was rewarded. Some fans even shed a tear when they saw the first trailer of Kingdom Hearts 3. This shows that there are a lot of fan base out there.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is one of the most anticipated games of all time. It’s structure is unique and gameplay fun. Only through the brilliant mind of Tetsuya Nomura can we have a well crafted game. Kingdom Hearts 3 will be forever in our hearts and it’s just getting started. -Anton Lagda


Here’s the link of the new gameplay footage:

Kingdom Hearts 3 New Gameplay Video