Kinect 2

Microsoft’s new Xbox console is just around the corner and it also introduces its new Kinect, the Kinect 2. Everybody’s rage was manifested during Microsoft’s presentation last May 2013. Sure, the Kinect 2’s presentation was cool but a lot of gamers were disappointed because all Microsoft did was  “TV television, TV television, TV, Sports”. This really angered the hardcore gamers because it seems like Microsoft really does not care of its loyal customers and hardcore fans of the Xbox console. However, this does not goes to say that the Kinect 2 is a piece of trash. In fact, it is a high end technology after all.

The new Kinect is no longer using Structured Light to measure depth but instead uses Time of Flight. Therefore I’m assuming it’s most probably not based on technology from PrimeSense anymore, and therefore won’t be compatible with OpenNI. Note that there are other sensors using TOF (Time of Flight) currently on the market by SoftKinetic although it’s unsure if they are related at all to the new Kinect. The Kinect 2 responds better than its predecessor. Obviusly, the successor has improved features but we need to evaluate whether this new technology enhances or degenerates the overall experience. First off, the Kinect 2 is able to detect a person’s heartbeat. It shows an infrared image on the person’s whole body. The coordination between the player and the Kinect 2 is also outstanding.

The Kinect 2 is able to precisely detect the person’s movements. Another feature is the improved voice command. You can simply command your Xbox One to turn Off or On with a single voice command. Kinect 2 is very helpful in all aspects of the voice command. Kinect 2 can also detect a person’s heartbeat, now that’s really cool. It could also do skeleton tracking. Kinect 2 has indeed improved a lot than its predecessor but we will know soon enough. The Xbox one is going to be released soon, and it comes with the Kinect 2. So most people will be able to judge the Xbox One’s new feature.

There are a lot of people who hate the Xbox One today, but we hope that Microsoft will improve their relationship with loyal customers soon. The highly improved technology of the Kinect 2 will leave a lot of casual gamers and non gamers astonished but the hardcore gamers will surely shrug it to the side. Nonetheless, Kinect 2 is a wonderful piece of technology that Microsoft created. We will be expecting more of this in the future. The video gaming world has really evolved into something great that even non gamers become gamers themselves, all thanks to technology.