Leadership in Journalism

There are so many different individuals who shaped the world of journalism. Whether it’s broadcasters, journalists, reporters, or any type of media savant, the technology used to gather information wouldn’t be as pronounced as it is today were it not for those individuals. These include Anderson Cooper, Barbara Walters, Bob Woodward, Walter Cronkite, Ken Kurson, and many others. It takes a team of people to help a journalist be successful and without the help of their peers, none of them would be remembered as they are to this day. 

It takes a lot of charisma to be a journalist. In addition, it takes a lot of leadership

to front a publication. When journalists first start out, they are given a topic to report on and their job is to run with it. Most of the investigation has to be done on their own and that could mean a multitude of things. Let’s say they are investigating a fraud case. If a breaking story comes out about it before they finish their article, a journalist has to be quick enough to change up any of their facts and update their writing as soon as possible. As new stories evolve, it’s paramount that journalists, anchors, broadcasters, and reporters evolve with them. There is so much time that goes into writing a perfect story, which for many of these, is every piece they’ve ever written. Interviewing is also a time-consuming aspect of the role many people forget about. Ken Kurson says in order to access great information, lots of time has to be put into it. In all, journalism takes great responsibility and leadership.