5 Reasons To Get An 80% Lower

In today’s world, more people are deciding to own guns. For some, they want to make their own gun. In these situations, many choose to buy what is known as an 80% Lower. Legal to purchase and put together, an 80% Lower kit can let you create a gun that, with some additional assembly and tooling, will be turned into a weapon that is completely functional. If you are considering getting an 80% Lower, here are five of the best reasons you may want to keep in mind.

Increased Privacy

When you buy an 80% Lower, you will be able to enjoy increased privacy over most other gun owners. Since an 80% Lower is not considered to be a functioning weapon until it has further tooling, it will not have a serial number and thus is not registered. As a result, you will not have to pass a background check to make the purchase.

Chance to Create Your Own Gun

If you really enjoy guns and working with your hands to create something truly unique, buying an 80% Lower will give you the chance to make your very own gun. While you may think it will be hard to build your own 80% Lower, the fact is you will only need a few tools to do so, such as a tabletop vise, router, drill press, and some gloves and ear plugs for personal protection.

Learning about Gun Mechanics

If you are a true gun lover, you naturally want to know and understand all you can about the guns you use. When you buy an 80% Lower, you’ll be able to learn virtually all there is to know about gun mechanics and other related areas. However, since you’ll get detailed instructions with your 80% Lower, you’ll know how to assemble your gun and do the tooling needed to make it essentially a one-of-a-kind gun. Once you have an 80% Lower, you will come to know much more about such parts of your gun as the trigger mechanism, firing pin, recoil spring, and much more.

In-Depth Repair Knowledge

Once you have your 80% Lower, expect to gain in-depth knowledge about gun repair. In fact, once you’ve successfully assembled your 80% Lower, there will be few if any problems you won’t be familiar with and able to fix. For many people who come to own an 80% Lower, they are not only able to fix their own guns, but those of others as well. Therefore, if you have any aspirations about becoming a gunsmith, getting an 80% Lower can be the first step toward a new career or part-time business.

Various Types of Customizations

If there is one thing most 80% Lower gun owners love about these guns, it is the amazing variation of customizations that can be done with these guns. Considered to be much like a blank canvas as one would find with an artist, an 80% Lower gives you the chance to place custom engravings on your gun. This can be anything you like, such as an anniversary, birthday, or other important date in your life. This is important to many gun owners, since state and federal laws allow for few options for customizing a gun that must be registered.

Continuing to grow in popularity with gun owners, an 80% Lower can offer you many great benefits of gun ownership. Whether you are wanting to actually build your own gun that will not have to be registered, learn all you can about gun construction and repair, or other areas, getting an 80% Lower will let you do this and more.