Benefits of Sleeping In

One of the biggest things that successful people have in common is the fact that they like to get up before the rest of the world. While this can make a big difference, it is still important to sleep in sometimes. There are actually quite a few benefits to sleeping in every once and awhile.

A Better Mood

The first and most obvious thing that sleeping in does is that it helps improve your mood. While the body is asleep, the brain is processing all of the different emotions that happened that day. When the body gets enough rest, it has the proper amount of time to process these emotions which means that the next day you will be in a better mood.

Improves Heart Health

Sleeping in can also improve many different aspects of the body’s health. Getting enough sleep can improve heart health. When you are asleep, your heart rate will naturally decrease. This will give the blood vessels and heart more downtime to relax.

Promotes Healthier Immune System

When you are asleep, that is when your body is fighting off germs. Chronic sleep deprivation can cause the body to react to a common cold the same way that it would the flu. That is why it is important that you are sleeping in and letting your body get the proper nutrients it needs to fight these viruses.

Boosts Productivity

Even though plenty of successful people claim to only run on a few hours of sleep, this lack of sleep can actually hurt productivity levels. When the body doesn’t get enough sleep, it makes it harder to remember and recall small details. This can make it hard to be productive throughout the day. Whereas, people who get enough sleep have an easier time remembering old information and learning new things. Helen Lee Schifter tries her best to get the appropriate amount of sleep, because that way she can be more productive during her work week. 

Improves Physical Performance

Although not everyone cares about athletic performance, it is still nice to be able to walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded. Lack of sleep can actually make it harder for your muscles to repair themselves. Sleeping in can boost muscle recovery, as well as provide motivation.

Aids In Weight Control

If your body is well-rested, then it is going to help in weight control and maybe even weight loss. When your body is running on just a few hours of sleep it can mess with your leptin and ghrelin levels. These are the hormones that control the body’s appetite and even willpower. When these levels are down, it can become a lot harder to resist the tempting, sugary sweets and snacks that everyone loves. There are numerous ways that sleeping in can help live a happier and more productive life. That is why people such as Helen Lee Schifter like to ensure that they are getting the recommended amount of sleep. When someone is as successful as her, it is important that they are keeping their body in perfect working health.