Importance of Good Hygiene (Basic Advice & Tips)

Good Hygiene is Essential

Father George Rutler has given speeches about having good hygiene as well as why everyone should practice good hygiene routines, which all entail good health and keeping everyone’s immune system up and healthy.

The main reason why Parents and Doctors have always stressed the importance of starting and keeping up a good hygiene routine is mainly to teach the skill of responsibility as well as having respect for themselves.

Self care is one of the biggest factors into keeping yourself happy and healthy, as well as ensuring others will not get sick as usual or as easily as other people who don’t practice good hygiene.

Different Types of Good Hygiene

Different types of good hygiene habits everyone should have during their day, whether they do these types of good hygiene in the morning, during the day or at night includes brushing their teeth, flossing, washing their face, clipping their nails, washing their hands and much more.

Doctors always recommend their patients to always brush their teeth at least 2 to 3 times a day as well as flossing in between meals to maintain good teeth and good dental hygiene.


Other ways people keep up their good hygiene routines is by taking a shower either in the morning or at night, washing their face, this helps others get rid of dirt in their pores, access oil on their face as well as giving them a refreshed face.

Self Care

Self care is also important because it boosts their confidence, it helps them make themselves feel better as well as being one of the best wake up techniques in the morning or during the day. Another great reason people should always wash their hands is to stop the spread of germs that are carried on their hands as well as washing and wiping down any surfaces in their house.

Learn Personal Responsibility

The biggest reason why Father George Rutler thinks it’s a good idea to teach kids how to stay on a good hygiene routine to keep up on is because they’ll learn what responsibility is as well as respect for themselves and what the meaning of self care and self love is.

It’s also another way people can stop the spread of different diseases to other people even if they don’t know they are carrying any illnesses or diseases, they can still give it to someone with a lower immune system who might not be able to fight off the sickness or illness they caught.

The seven basic types of good hygiene to always practice and keep up on include washing their hands after they use the bathroom, washing their hands before and after they eat food, doing different things to help their body stay cool and maintain the right body temperature.

Other ways include brushing their hair, taking their vitamins during the day or in the morning, putting on deodorant and getting rid of bad breath as well as ear wax.

Self care can be done in different ways to help people feel positive about themselves.