How to Support Wildfire Rescues

There are many organizations that strive to keep Americans safe during the wildfires. Organizations like GuideStar and Charity Navigator are tirelessly working to support the victims of wildfires. The Red Cross also provides shelter and food to those who lost their homes. Imagine losing every picture, tape, family artifact, and value in an instant. These wildfires are no joke and many people are suffering because of them. There are people like Alexander Djerassi who have never experienced the smoke that wildfires spread throughout the state.

It has been a fearful experience for everyone, even those who didn’t lose their homes and valuables. Many elderly folks are frightened about not getting out on time if this tragedy were ever to occur again. So, if it is possible, please donate to ensure the safety of others. Hydration backpacks are very expensive and take a lot of funding. By raising funds to purchase them for others, it can save lives. Babies and infants also need fire protection gear. Obviously, they can’t fend for themselves which is why parents need as much assistance as possible in protecting their young. By volunteering to pack non-perishables and safety supplies for families, many people will have a greater chance of surviving. Alexander Djerassi encourages people to donate if they can.