Financial Security: F.H. Cann and Associates Inc. Shares Tips To Keep Your Financial Information Safe

F.H. Cann and Associates Inc. understands that you have many pieces of financial information that can go in many places throughout the day. But they also know that you are always vulnerable to various threats when you send your information to other people.

You could be at risk of losing your money if you don’t handle your financial information the right way.

F.H. Cann and Associates Inc. wants to help you with these sensible details to help you keep your financial info safe.

Check Your Account Statements

Always look at how your account statements work and that you don’t find any suspicious activity. You can identify identity theft if you notice cases where someone might be spending money on things you didn’t approve.

It is easier to clean up identity theft and to keep it under control if you identify it soon enough.

Check all your account data, including:

  1. Where you are spending money
  2. How much you spend
  3. When you spend those funds
  4. Whether you’re engaging in transfers or other less common activities

Don’t forget to review your credit reports for details. You’ll receive a free check from each major credit bureau every year.

Be Smart With Your Passwords

We’ve noticed many people who lose their financial info often use weak passwords. Some of the problems people can get into with their passwords include:

  1. Using the same password on many accounts
  2. Using passwords that are too predictable
  3. Sticking with a default password when applicable
  4. Not using enough unique characters or other features that make your password harder to predict or guess

Be sure you produce more comprehensive and complex passwords for your accounts and that you don’t use the same passwords for multiple accounts. Don’t forget to also change those passwords every few weeks.

Shred Your Sensitive Documents

You’d be surprised at how often people engage in dumpster diving. People can find many documents with sensitive financial info on them in the trash. They can use these details to apply for credit cards and to use other things with your data.

Always shred whatever documents you discard if they have your financial data on them. Proper shredding ensures people cannot try and find your financial data through these documents.

Avoid Sharing on Social Media

The odds are you might share plenty of personal details about yourself while on social media. You could highlight things like a pet’s name, your middle name, or details on your history. Some data thieves could use those details to steal your identity and hack into your accounts.

Avoid sharing all those details on social media. Keep a low profile on all your accounts. Some of the things you can do include:

  1. Keep your accounts private to where only authorized people can see what you post while online.
  2. Think about what you will post before doing so. Avoid adding anything that might identify you in general.
  3. Use different handle names while on social media. It is harder for people to track you down if you use multiple social media handles.

You can use all these points when managing your financial data. F.H. Cann and Associates Inc. wants to ensure your finances are kept safe and won’t be at risk of harm or loss.

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