Marketing Experiments to Try

Marketing Experiments to Try

Have you ever felt like you weren’t doing enough marketing online? I wonder if there’s a better way to do it. There is. Try these experiments if you want to explore different marketing methods, from old-school and traditional to digital and unconventional. Using these groundbreaking experiments, your business will be on the front foot of an ever-changing marketing landscape. All marketers need new and different ways of marketing their businesses to keep their careers alive and growing. According to former arbitrage trader Helen Lee Schifter, “Marketing is essential for the survival of any business. If a business doesn’t have a marketing strategy, it will not be around very long.”

Marketing Experiments To Try, According To Former Arbitrage Trader Helen Lee Schifter.

1. Ask Customers For Free Reviews

When I asked my dad to review my web hosting company as a thank you, I was astonished that he felt so grateful that he’d stay my loyal customer for another three years. It’s easy to see why. With no marketing, it was up to me (rather than a busy mum of three) to get the word out about my new business. By offering him a free service review, I could tap into the natural tendency for customers to leave feedback – and potentially earn honest reviews in return.

2. Find Out Why Your Best Customers Are Leaving.

When you lose a good client, it hurts. And unless you want to start accepting credit cards for payment, the only way to get that good client back is to recover lost revenue. A two-question survey – sent only after a client has decided to move on – can help get those customers back. First, ask why they are leaving, and second, ask what would bring them back.

3. Use Free Directories To Introduce Yourself To New Audiences.

Directories like DMOZ, Craigslist and Yelp are great for branding and SEO and lead generation – all without any monetary investment on your part. But what if there were a directory that you could use to introduce yourself to new audiences? There is. The E-Commerce Business Directory has been helping small e-commerce businesses get the exposure they deserve since 2003 by listing them in searchable directories and other small business resources.

4. Maintain A Blog

Helen Lee Schifter knows that blogging is no longer just for people who can’t figure out how to stick a font onto a page. Marketing experiments suggest that blogging might be one of the most effective ways of marketing your business. Audience attention spans are short, so blogging works as it gives you an advantage over other businesses because you’ll be presenting new information regularly, which keeps customers on your site longer. Moreover, the search engines love you for it (Google and Bing rank blog content very highly).

5. Use A Domain Name That Is Easy To Remember

The average attention span is short, so you must get your message across immediately. Your domain name should be easy to say, read and spell to get more traffic from search engines and interest customers more quickly. The shorter your domain name, the better – after all, why would someone visit ABCDwebdesigns when they could visit XYznetworks?

Your business is unique to you. Therefore, when trying out marketing experiments, it’s important to consider what works for you. Some of the experiments listed here may be completely new and unfamiliar – in which case, take some time to try them and see what works for you.