Energy in America

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Importance of a Home Energy Audit

A home energy audit is essential as it helps homeowners realize their energy flow and residential consumption. It determines all the parts of your home where energy goes to waste and where usage can be controlled to save money. The whole process of the audit involves visual inspection of your home using special test equipment. This equipment helps in identifying problems and conducts a detailed analysis of energy flow.

If you are familiar with the process many people have conducted their own DIY energy audits otherwise the process can take at least an hour, depending on the size of your home. If you are not sure about the rates charged by a professional energy auditor, some tools can help you online. Furthermore, the tools can also help you make your assessment. Despite it not being thorough as a professional audit, you will get an idea and a basic understanding of the process. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, there are many benefits of doing an energy audit. They include:

  Boosting Energy Efficiency 

This is the primary role of conducting an energy audit. An energy audit helps you come out with a clear plan of home improvement. By conducting the exercise, you are going to identify energy drains associated with leaks and HVAC systems. An energy audit can help you discover leaks that emanate from the ceiling, walls, or floor. Additionally, you can also identify heat loss due to poor insulation.

For your HVAC systems, an energy audit would also involve checking whether the thermostat and air conditioner are functioning well. If functioning well, the units can save more energy. As such, the audit comes in handy, and you can determine if you can clean the systems, replace them, or do simple filter changes. You can also conduct a test for your electronic appliances to establish the units of electricity they are using.

  Lowering Bills 

A professional energy audit is not all about energy efficiency but saving money that accumulates from bills. Equipped with basic knowledge from your electrician, you can conduct small measures and significant improvements to save your money.

If you hire a specialist for your work, you will get good advice on government rebates. If you qualify for them, you can save more money incurred by bills due to exclusive deals and discounts.

 Reduce Effects on the Environment  

Due to different forms of energy we use, an energy audit is unique as it helps you save energy and reduce your bills. While doing this, you are also saving the environment. This is because you can implement processes that reduce carbon emissions to the environment. As such, you can lower pollution released to the environment. This can be achieved by ensuring a comprehensive energy audit that can take at least two hours.

 Energy Audit Adds Value to Your Home 

After conducting an energy audit, you are certainly going to adopt changes that are going to make your home energy efficient. You are going to add features or systems that can boost the value of your home. This will increase your home’s value if you are looking forward to selling or lease your home.

Some additions may include extra insulation and hot water systems. Even though you might not be planning to sell your home, the features will upgrade your home to a better value if the need to sell arises. To add some energy-efficient features to your home, you can consult for apples to apples Ohio to understand how the features will affect your electricity rates.


An energy audit not only enables you to save energy at home but makes your home better and increases its value. As such, you should capitalize on the right information for your home improvements to make your home livable and efficient. Besides, it would be best if you considered the impact of the changes in the environment.