Tips to Help Maintain a Healthy Diet

Healthy Wellness Lifestyle

Helen Lee Schifter is a hardworking advocate of health and wellness and encourages the awareness of holistic practices for all audiences. Holistic wellness includes incorporating daily movement, consuming quality meals and nutrients, and creating clean and tranquil environments to live in. Her tips to start and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle have positively impacted the lives of those wrecked by the global coronavirus pandemic.

Although individuals do not typically associate diet with mental health, the diet we consume has large consequential impacts on emotional well-being. Unhealthy diet behaviors can lead to depression, anxiety, and other chronic mental conditions. Therefore, it is critical to consume the right diet and increase beneficial nutrients that help to heal our mind and body. Consistency is key when maintaining a healthy diet and wellness lifestyle. Although it is tempting to incorporate unhealthy behaviors, one should limit these to the 80/20 rule. This rule states that good decisions should be made 80% of the time and unhealthy decisions can be made 20% of the time. This gives the body and mind adequate time to process and detox from the negative behaviors or diet.

Helen Lee Schifter believes it is important to fully commit to all-encompassing healthy habits which have positive effects on mental and physical health. She believes that the combination of physical fitness and emotional support can improve individuals overall outlook on life and happiness levels. Some holistic wellness tactics she suggests include reducing exposure to screen time and mindless phone scrolling. Instead, she suggests reading newspapers or engaging one’s brain in crosswords that allow the brain’s neural pathways to form new connections. This encourages a more tranquil atmosphere and supports mental health.

In today’s world the inundation of visual images and media can negatively impact mental health. Individuals need to embrace detaching themselves and creating a calm environment for their emotions to come back to a stable baseline. In her own practice Schifter is an experienced student of the Japanese tea ceremony. This ceremony celebrates the calming atmosphere produced by consuming tea and embraces the mental clarity it provides individuals. There are four spiritual pillars associated with the ceremony: harmony, respect, tranquility, and purity. Schifter supports incorporating these four spiritual pillars into our mental and physical behaviors. She also promotes the use of tea within the daily diet to provide health benefits and calm the mind. Experts suggest that the antioxidants in tea can provide detox effects that protect cells from free radial damage. By incorporating these catechins, the body learns to heal itself and can fight chronic illnesses such as blood clots or cancer. Additionally, tea can help to lower bad cholesterol levels and treat high blood pressure. This makes it the perfect addition for high-risk individuals and those looking to incorporate natural and holistic diet changes for life changing results.

Schifter believes successful wellness protocols can help people to heal from disease and create miracles within our lives. Therefore, improving health and wellness behaviors should be the top priority of individuals.