The 20th Annual Darien Dash for Charity Is Coming Up

The Darien Dash race is an annual event that brings families and friends together for an exceptional experience. Over the years, the event has been used to connect people and give them another chance to have fun away from their busy schedules. The 20th annual race is scheduled for May 17, 2020, as from 8:00 am. Activity lineup for the day includes 1-mile, 5k, and 10k races. However, there will be plenty of other activities that will take place on the day to ensure you get as much fun as possible. Therefore, if you are yet to book your tickets, this is the right time to do so.

The Purpose Of The Darien Dash

Darien Dash is a sponsored fundraiser organized by the Darien Chamber of commerce. It focuses on celebrating Memorial Day and our veterans. Therefore, some of the proceeds benefit is given to benefit Darien Grade School or High School and a wounded veteran’s organization. However, for them to benefit from the collected proceeds, the institutions but have the highest number of registered participants in the event. If an institution registers at least 30 and above participants, they could be eligible to benefit from the event. The sponsors and partners of the Darien Chamber of Commerce are therefore responsible for the success of the event.

Where It Will Take Place

1001 Hinsbrook Ave is the location for the event. All participants will gather here at exactly 8:00 am for the briefing and commencing of the activities. The event will commence with a kid’s activity at precisely 8.00 am. The young once will line up for a warm-up race and impress the guest as the run. Participants for this event should be at least five years and below. After that, by 8.30 am, the 1-mile, 5k, & 10k race will kick off concurrently. All the 1001 Hinsbrook Ave streets will be in partial lockdown to facilitate the event and allow runners to have some quality time in all their respective races. There will be a lot of activities across 1702 Plainfield Road, Darien since this is the road that connects to the Darien City Hall. However, at the main Darien city hall, there will be plenty of other activities taking place for those who will not be running.

The activities will ensure that everyone will have something to be proud of the event. There will be a swag bag, jamming DJ, business EXPO with giveaways, and commemorative moisture-absorbing t-shirts for the first 300 registered participants, among others. The gathering will also enjoy the opportunity to dine with the runners at the pancake breakfast, which is sponsored by the Darien Swim & Recreation Club. However, this comes at an extra discounted fee.

Registration of the Event

Getting tickets is ongoing, and it is advisable you get yours now at a cheaper rate. The ticket prices are classified according to category and the event you intend to participate in:

  • • Kids’ fun run: This is the first category, and it focuses on kids between five years and bellow. Tickets are absolutely free. Therefore, feel encouraged to bring your kid to the event and enjoy as you nurture their running talent from a young age.
  • • 1-Mile race: The admission fee per entrant for this race will cost $30 for advance tickets. However, if you choose to register on the race day, the price will increase to $40.
  • • 5K: Advance tickets per entrant cost $35, which will change to $40 on the actual event day.
  • • 10k: For you to participate in this event, you are required to pay $40 for an advance ticket per entrant or $45 on the race day

For all the advanced tickets in any category, the exercise will run up to 11:59 pm on May 16, 2020. To avoid being locked out in the opportunity, get to the official Darien websites for tickets, and more registration details. CARA members will enjoy a $4 discount for any race category. After the race, the organizers have prepared awards for the top 3 participants in each category. Therefore, you are likely to get away with more than the initial registration fee. There will also be a Zumba warm-up where all participants get an opportunity to flex their muscles and have some fun.

Sequence of Events

Although the event is planned to take place on May 17, there are plenty of preparations that will take place prior to the main day. This is geared towards ensuring that the day is a success, and everything happens as planned. Therefore, on Friday, May 15, 2020, the race packet pickup will be available at the Darien City Hall from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. This makes it easy for the participants to understand the logistics of the event and the route to follow before the primary day. However, for those who will miss the packet pick up on the 15, will have an opportunity to go through the details on a material day.

The Darien Dash event is an essential activity for wounded veterans. As people come together to celebrate Memorial Day, the main focus is to ensure the veterans are accorded the necessary recognition due to their hard work. Therefore, as other people come together in different events within the same period, the Darien dash race focuses on giving the veterans exceptional support. Everything from the fundraiser to the sequence of events is geared toward appreciating all the veterans. Additionally, the semi-marathon races accommodate participants from all age groups, hence accommodating even the older people to participate in the run.