Importance of Daily Prayer

Prayers are what Christians refer to as direct communication to God. When Christians pray, they get to tell God what is in their heart and mind. George Rutler encourages Christians to make time with God at least once a day. He strongly urges Christians to go for catechisms and confession. So Christians can create the right channel with God. He is a priest who was ordained in Rome in 1980. He has now written and published up to 30 books on theology. Below are some of the benefits Christians gain when they pray.

1. Prayer Start of the Day Off With 

When Christians pray, they set the foundation of their day. A prayer is a good weapon to start the day with. There are so many frustrations in a day that can destroy one’s mood. But when people set aside time to pray, they have new hope that today will be better than yesterday. There are so many bills that make life harder and sometimes hard to keep up with it. But when prayer is involved, people have new hope that they will be able to pay those bills on time. Believers feel better when they know that the Lord is listening to their daily struggles. It also creates hope that the Lord will help them find a way to pay those bills.

2. Prayers Create a Good Communion with God

Imagine not praying until Sunday? Or worse, praying only when in trouble? Most people do not like it when their friends call them only when in need. God needs to be part of your life daily. When people make it a daily routine to pray every day, they create companionship with God. It is a gesture to God that they don’t just need Him when in trouble. Pray daily to thank Him, praise Him, and tell Him their daily plans. That way, even when in danger, He will come through.

3. Prayers are Spiritual Weapons

Many people may start their day very well with no bad luck. But suddenly, they receive bad news from every corner. At that point, they feel like the devil wants to see them lose. There are so many spiritual battles around us. Some may be as a result of generational curses. Some may be demons tormenting your life. The devil does not like seeing Christians pray because it is a weapon against him. When people create time for prayer every day, they stand a chance to win. Daily prayers act as weapons for unknown battles. The Lord will give them the strength to believe that they can do it, and you will prosper. The Bible talks of these are not our battles to fight. Mention every struggle that we have in our lives in daily prayer. Then leave it upon the hands of the Lord to fight for us.

In conclusion, Father Rutler has mentioned various ways in which prayers are beneficial to us. When we create time for prayers daily, it will help us in many things. Take a chance to pray to the Lord so we can make an opening for God’s glory in our lives. Confess our sins to God, thank him for various things, and worship Him in prayer. People can create time, even if it is just once a day, to pray.