Biohacking: It’s A Science/Art That let’s You Hack Your Way To Awesomeness

Humanity has already made substantial advancement in testing, understanding and managing their own biology. Today, the minds behind medical science and technology believe that the very first immortal human being has been born already. That’s right, immortal human being–with indefinite lifespan. Last year 2013, it was possible to get your personal genetic makeup sequence analyzed by just paying $100. And if that’s the case, then it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that you can now have complete control over your own biology.

What exactly is biohacking?

We like Dave Asprey’s definition for biohacking. In an interview, ”The bulletproof executive”, Asprey admitted that he spent $300,000 in upgrading his brain and body. In the process, he lost 100lb in weight and gained a whooping 20 IQ points. Here’s what he had to say about biohacking:

(a) To use science, biology and self-experimentation to gain control of one’s mind, body and life.

(b) It’s the art and science of becoming superhuman.

Now, from the two descriptions above, we could say that biohacking is the art of hacking biology through using nature’s in-built mechanism. You see, nature is full of intricate mechanisms. But of course with sophisticated technology, it’s still possible to use these methods for the benefit of humanity. We could soon change the genetic code of organisms or fool them to do things in ways that could benefit them.

How about hacking your age?

You can hack your body and influence its performance as it ages. This is possible through changing your gene expression, balancing and optimizing the level of hormones inside the body, as well as using supplements to give it benefits as it ages.

Hack your thoughts

It has been said the only limit that human beings face is that within their minds. Your emotions, desire, memory and cognitive function can be hacked as well. Even your thoughts can be hacked. It’s true that some people have thought positively, or in a new way, and that has changed their minds’ profoundly.

Hack your brain

This is one organ that’s most complicated than any other organ in the body. It’s made up of different pieces that play together to make up one perfect neuro symphony. That only means that there are lots of areas in the brain that can be hacked to get desirable results in life, work, training, relationships etc.

And right now, people are using smart drugs such as nootropic supplements which enhance performance to give an individual an edge over others. These supplements purportedly enhance mental functions such as memory, intelligence, cognition, motivation, attention as well as concentration.

At the very basic level, the overall health of a human being dramatically impacts their cognitive functions. That means hacking the brain’s chemistry by using neuroscience and nootropics can significantly change a person’s life.

Hack your diet

Science has consistently revealed how diet influences our well-being, health and performance. For example, eating to perform is a fact, and that’s because diet affects your energy levels, mood hormone levels etc. And if you want elite performance, you’ll need an elite diet.

Who is a biohacker?

The art of biohacking is always powerful because the time, effort and money spent often yields results. Remarkably, a biohacker can also turn into what we call transhumanist–someone who has a lofty inspiration of living indefinitely. Even though many biohackers tend to be holistic health practitioners (and they focus on the mind-body picture), there’s certainly a focus towards balancing neurotransmitters, cognitive health, enhancing neuroplasticity and adapting a highly productive mindset as well as techniques that produce great results.

All biohackers have the following goals in mind:

(a) They want to experiment and measure themselves beyond what feels good
(b) They want to eliminate stress
(c) They all want to decrease the amount of time spent sleeping, while increasing the quality of sleep
(d) They all want to avoid cancer and other age-related cognitive problems
(e) They all want to boost their elite fitness levels with as little exercise as possible
(f) They all want to improve their memory (both long and short-term), accuracy along with their understanding process


Biohacking can significantly upgrade your wetware to develop a little bit faster. It transforms traditional medicine to personalized medication, and that means human beings can now perform optimally, something that was not possible decades ago.