Why is College so Expensive?

College has become so expensive for many reasons including less students attending in person classes so the revenue that was once generated at the colleges is not there any longer. In the past, colleges would charge for your child’s room, which would include a single or double dorm room, electricity and typically a shared bathroom. The next charge would be for their meal plan which typically there were at least a couple of choices of a per swipe plan or an unlimited plan both varying in cost. Your next charge will be for lab classes, these classes are in addition to your regular class that you choose. In college you will typically be charged a number of extra fees that may have not been disclosed to you including a Dorm Fee, Security Fee, Activity Fee, Parking Fee and Activity Fee, these fees could start as low as $100 and could be as high $750 per semester. In many states students have decided to learn through online classes because of flexibility and the cost of being home online is much cheaper than staying on campus so they will not be charged all the unnecessary fees.

Alexander Djerassi believes another reason why college tuition has skyrocketed is because the cost of living in many states has risen as well along with the cost of paying professors, electricity charges for keeping the lights on, heating costs and general maintenance cost of the buildings and grounds. For example, 8 years ago a new college employee would earn $9.00 an hour typically which would average $15,000 a year but now a newly hired hourly employee would start their employment rate at $14.00 which is an additional $8,000 per year.

Not only has the beginning college employee rate increased so has the advanced professors, coaches, and president’s. The largest increase over the past 3 years has been of the college president’s with an average of 60% of the college president’s now making a yearly salary of over 1 million dollars in pay along with a college home provided to the president near or on-campus. The president’s income has been a substantial reason for why college tuition has been on the rise and is overly expensive.

Many colleges have offered scholarships in the past but with the employee rate increase and less revenue coming in not as many scholarships have been available as before meaning that college is more expensive.
As a Policy Associate for Hilary Clinton’s campaign Alexander Djerassi knows all about policy and procedure for adjusting with the influx of change in many ways. Mr. Djerassi could possibly help in our education departments to figure out why the colleges have increased their charges for tuition, room and board, along with the salary increases over the past 8 years. If this doesn’t get under control I don’t feel that an increase in college attendance will accrue because of all of the increases that many Americans can not afford to pay for.

The Impact of Ivy League Education on Job Preparedness

The Benefits of an Ivy League Degree when Job Searching

The term Ivy League comes from a classic university sports conference that includes eight schools in the US. However, this term has gone beyond athletics and now describes schools known for very selective admission and extremely high standards. Getting accepted is difficult, requires hard work and consistent above-average performance.

Alexander Djerassi experienced an Ivy League school firsthand as he attended and graduated from Princeton University’s School of Public and International Affairs.

What success did he experience as a result of his education? What advantages do these universities have over others? Most importantly, what impact does an Ivy League education have on your job search?

It’s Who You Know

Ivy League schools don’t only provide an impressive title to put on a resume; they also provide people valuable contacts. Many of the students become successful business people, law and medical professionals, and government officials.

The best way for students to get a job is by networking with people who already know them. There’s no need to prove capabilities to get in the door; these people are already familiar with what they can do.

The Application Hurdle

When someone applies for a job, their resume is typically one of dozens or even hundreds of other applicants. The job market is competitive, and people can easily become lost in a mix of similarly qualified candidates.

So, students need to take steps to make sure they stand out. An Ivy League degree pushes their name to the top of the hiring manager’s list. When a manager is looking through a stack of resumes, an Ivy League education speaks volumes about the type of candidate they are.

What it tells Employers

When an employer reads that a student has graduated from somewhere like Princeton, Harvard, or Yale, they can immediately assume several things about them:

1. That you are determined and not afraid of challenges.

2. They can regularly perform at a higher level than most.

3. They have succeeded in one of the most difficult and demanding educational programs.

A Good Example

Alexander Djerassi worked his way through two Ivy League degrees and has experienced great success as a result. He went on to work in diplomacy, politics, and business.

Because of his experience at Princeton and Yale, he motivated highly skilled teams and built successful projects. This is a real-world example of the impact an Ivy League school can have on someone’s future career.

A Positive Impact for Your Job Search

An Ivy League school can help a person build connections with other highly motivated and successful people. It can bring their application to the eyes of a hiring manager looking for the best candidate.

A degree from an Ivy League school says a lot about their work ethic, ability to overcome obstacles, and consistently high-performance levels. The future career benefits of attending one of the eight Ivy League schools are clear.

Benefits of College

Going to college can be a very heightened experience. Many attend university, like Diego Ruiz Duran , because they want to further their education. Simply put, college is very common now as more and more jobs require it in the application process. It’s where students can get a world-renowned experience and open doors to many major corporations.

Networks are one of the main reasons people attend university. With a large number of alumni, the job market is never very vacant. It’s clear that alumni and school relations help open doors for many students. In addition, by applying for internships on campus or globally, students can get a much more in-depth experience of the ‘real world’.College is also wonderful because it adds value to an individual. When a person gets a degree, they are considered a person of high knowledge and satisfaction. Diego Ruiz Duran attended The University of Oxford. Depending on where a person goes, is what experience they will attain after graduation.

One Innovative Way to Pay off Debt

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]ew college tuition research shows that over forty per cent of graduates in America may take a minimum of ten years to pay of debt and student loans. More research indicates that the student debt amounts have increased by twenty-five per cent in two thousand eight and another six per cent in two thousand nine. This cost is rising due to many factors that include the economy while some believe that higher education costs are increasing due to the number of attending individuals. Some statistics show that since the seventies, college admission has risen up to thirty per cent. With the increase costs of competitions and college for scholarships and admission, you will truly need methods of how to keep your debt from spiraling out of control. With insurmountable student debt, you might have to put off major goals of life including buying a house or getting married. If you have garnered student loan debts in the six-figures, you might need to spend twelve months or more in decreasing your balance before you can accomplish anything else that involves money. One absurd, innovative strategy of combating the mounting crisis of your student debt is to meet rich men.

Luxury and Perks

A generous wealthy man will be able to afford expensive luxuries and perks even after your college debt is paid for. While you are dating,’ you can enjoy a life filled with perks and luxury that you were unable to afford in the past. These perks and luxuries are not possible when you have insurmountable debt that you need to pay for year after year.

Financial Security

The most obvious and major advantage of meeting a man with wealth is the hope of securing a future financially and pay of debt. Whatever burdens of finance you are going through; this is something you won’t have to worry about when you have moneyed connections. If you happen to be interested in paying off your debt that has accumulated from college, you won’t have to worry whether or not this is feasible financially, when you have met a rich man. Life with a friend that is rich spells a life without worrying about bills or debt.

Workaholic Tendencies

Men who are successful financially also tend to be workaholics. You might find that a guy is more mature in age but does not have a lot of experience in the dating scene, having spent so much time in his life working. On the other hand, having a workaholic rich guy friend will also give you a lot of time to be on your own without having money or bills to worry about. You might be totally okay with this style of support if you love the idea of being taken care of.

Your Status Socially

Hooking up with a guy that has money, no matter what age he is, will alter your social circle. Whether this change is a problem or a perk will depend on you. You might actually like spending time with a person that belongs in a higher group socioeconomically. However, you might also feel like you are having a hard time talking about the same things due to varied upbringing.

Balance of Power

Obviously, when your man brings more money to the table than you, there is a perceived imbalance in the relationship. This is something you may feel but for most women, being able to pay of debt that has accumulated makes this arrangement more than worth it.

Dating a Sugar Daddy

Finding a sugar daddy that can help you pay off your debt is one way you can be free of all your financial worries once and for all. There are many websites where sugar daddies look for college educated younger women such as yourself. Keep in mind that it is important for you to find the right sugar daddy website where there are no fake profiles or no credit card recurring charges. Reading the various testimonials from each of the websites you are planning to join will help you gain a true picture of which the best sites are. A sugar daddy and sugar baby is mutually advantageous where both parties benefit from the arrangement. In other words, it really is a win-win situation.