Diego Ruiz Duran Associates Texas Snowstorm with Climate Change

Texas is considered a warm environment and it is unlikely to see frigid weather conditions or snowstorms. However, winter storm Uri of 2021 left Texas unprepared resulting in fatalities, destruction of property and significant power outages. Many have wondered why the south has experienced such colder weather over the years especially this year with Tuesday December 16th being the coldest day at -2 degrees F in Texas in over 72 years.

Scientists have theorized that the warming of the Arctic is the cause of the colder weather spilling into the southern states. As the Arctic continues to thaw, the polar air will travel resulting in colder periods. The wind in the polar zone continues to circle and move as between 5 and 9 miles per hour but the winds reach up to 250mph, in something called a jet stream. This jet stream eventually causes a polar vortex bringing the colder air to the south. This has caught many southern states such as Texas off guard by the cold as they are not familiar in how to handle the demand for electricity and fuel to heat homes and commercial properties.

As global warming continues in the world, it will change how much colder periods occur and how drastic these effects can be on the country. It is similar to extreme heat during the winter and an increase of electricity and fuel to cool homes and commercial buildings. A rapid change in temperature can put strain on any system no matter how well it is put together. A cold snap threshold in the south is going to be a lot different than a cold snap in Alaska or the North East. Since warming is occurring, these extreme cold spells will be less likely but it is important for the government to take into consideration these changes and make the necessary changes to protect the community. Average temperatures are rising around the world due to greenhouse gas and this is causing more heat in a global climate system. An example would be how much someone is using these emissions.

Diego Ruiz Duran is a criminal defense attorney located in Mexico City, Mexico. He not only specializes in criminal defense but in environmental crimes, international crimes and other areas. He is the founding partner of the law firm BRD and has been practicing law since 2007. It is important for Attorney Duran to help practice environmental law to make the necessary changes in Mexico in the event the polar vortex reaches the Mexican environment. If he is successful in making these changes, he can work with the government and other agencies that are prone to the polar vortex on how to make the necessary changes to protect the cities, homes and businesses. He is a firm believer of getting as many experiences as possible as this is valuable to becoming successful. Creating a schedule will help guide you in what you need to get done and keep you grounded as people tend to procrastinate. He also puts his clients first and always treats them with respect and understanding.

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